Orb of the Blue Depths is an important quest item in the Chasm quest series. There are nine locations of Shadowy Husks in the Underground Mines to farm this special item. Check out here to find and how to use it here.

I. Where To Find Orb Of The Blue Depths

There are nine places to find Orb of the Blue Depths in The Chasm: Underground Mines. You need to collect all nine items to complete a quest in this area. Here are all locations of this item in the Chasm where you can find this orb.

Orb Of The Blue Depths Locations
All Orb Of The Blue Depths locations.
Orb of the Blue Depths Location
Skeld Inside a locked cave near Ad Hoc Main Tunnel teleport waypoint. Find the Miner's Key on the pathway to Serpent's Cave to unlock the cave.
Haltaf The next orb is pretty near the Ruin Serpent. You need to upgrade the Lumenstone Adjuvant to level 6 to remove the Dark Mud first.
Buliwyf Inside a locked room in Underground Waterway. Use a Geo attack to break the door and enter the room.
Edgetho Near the southern teleport waypoint in Underground Waterway. It's on the edge of the island between two waterways.
Herger In front of a waterfall.
Hyglacg Go through the ruins and big roots in the south of the Underground Waterway.
Rethel On the waterway leading to Underground Mines.
Roneth At the bottom of the hole in Glowing Narrows.
Serkir Rocky area near the Nameless Ruins.

To obtain those Orbs of the Blue Depths, Travelers need to defeat the Shadowy Husks at those places.

Shadowy Husks
Defeat Shadowy Husks

II. How To Use Orb Of The Blue Depths

Genshin Impact players need nine orbs of the Blue Depths to open the door of the Secret Room in the Underground Mines. You have to open that room to collect a mysterious letter and some Treasure Chests with lots of loots.

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