PUBG Mobile is the mobile version of the famous battle royale game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on PC. The game was developed by LightSpeed & Quantum Studio of Tencent for Android and iOS.

PUBG Mobile has quickly gained popularity due to its same battle royale experience as the original title. The game even developed a huge esports scene around the world with many teams fight for huge prize pools of millions of dollars.

PUBG Mobile brings new updates to the game every season to keep it fresh

The game has a new update every season with new features, skins, events, and weapons to keep it fresh for players. The MK12 PUBG is the latest DMR weapon that was added to PUBG Mobile recently in the 0.19.0 update. Today, we are going to show you everything you need to know about this weapon, its stats, where to find it, how to use it.

MK12 PUBG Stats

The MK12 is a DMR (Designated marksman rifle), which means it has a high effective range, high damage per shot, and a decent fire rate. The MK12 uses 5.56 ammo and only has a single fire mode. The weapon also has a bipod like the QBZ and MK14, which significantly reduce recoil when you are Prone.

 Mk12 Pubg
The Mk12 weapon came to PUBG Mobile with the new Livik map in the 0.19.0 update

Here are the full stats of the MK12:

  • Damage: 46 - 48
  • Effective Range: 150 m
  • Magazine: 20 bullets (30 with an Ext Mag)
  • Attachment Slots: Scope, Magazine, Grip, Muzzle.
Mk12 Pubg
Overall, the MK12 is pretty much the same as the Mini 14 and the QBU, but with more attachments

Overall, the Mk12 is pretty much the same as the Mini 14 and the QBU in terms of stats and power. We could say that the Mk12 is slightly stronger than those 2 because it has all the attachment slots, which make it a little bit more stable when fully attached.

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MK12 PUBG Locations

Currently, the MK12 is only available on the latest map of PUBG Mobile, Livik. The weapon spawns pretty often across many locations on the map. Here are the top locations where you can most likely find an Mk12 on Livik: Lumber Yard and Shipyard.

Tips and Tricks on how to use the MK12

Best attachments

 Mk12 Pubg
The MK12 has all the attachment slots to make it more powerful

Since the MK14 can be equipped with all kinds of attachments, here are the best options for each attachment slot:

  • Scope - x4 scope or bigger: You will be mostly using it for mid to long-range combats, you will want a big scope on it to hit more accurately.
  • Magazine - Extended Mag or Quickdraw Extend Mag: Either of these 2 is fine since most mid to long-range combats are long so the Quickdraw part is unnecessary.
  • Grip - Vertical Grip, Lightweight Grip: You need more stability and less recoil to hit your shots consistently in long-range combats.
  • Muzzle- Silencer, Compensator, Flash Hider: Optimally you would want a Silencer to cover your location, but any of them would be good enough.


While the MK12 is somewhat usable in close-range combats, it is definitely no match for SMGs, Shotguns, or ARs because it doesn't have an auto-fire mode. You need 5 shots in the body or 2 headshots to kill a player within 150 m.

pbug sniper
Going prone will help increase the stability and reduce of a weapon with a bipod

Since the recoil of MK12 is not that hard, you can totally land 2 headshots on a standing still player and kill them before they even know. If they are running, fire continuously in front of their path to hit them. Don't fight against Kar98 or M24 players if they already knew your location because you will get headshotted easily.


Here are some tips for you to make the full use of the MK12 PUBG as well as become a better overall sniper.

  • You need to have a good location with a good vision of your surroundings such as on the roof of a building, on a hill, inside a high building, etc.
  • Be patient because your first shot is the most important shot. Your target will be more aware and hide or running around to dodge the shots after that so it will be much harder for you to finish them.
  • Make sure you are fully geared, it is a requirement to play sniper. Try to get at least a big scope or even a Silencer if you can.
  • The MK12 has a tripod so you would want to go Prone whenever you can to increase the stability and reduce the recoil of it.

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