Lisa, a beautiful librarian in Mondstadt, is a beloved character in Genshin Impact. The Witch of Purple Rose has many secrets about her and about Teyvat. Let's see why Mondstadt's librarian Lisa is the most mysterious character in Teyvat here.

Mysterious Girl With A Hidden Background

Lisa Minci is one of the few characters with a clear family name in Mondstadt. However, it does not mean that she has a clear profile and background. Lisa is a mysterious woman in Genshin Impact. The game publisher has not revealed any information about her family or childhood stories.

Lisa Is The Witch Of Purple Rose
Lisa is called the Witch of Purple Rose.

Moreover, the reason she left Spantamad and refused to return is also a secret. Lisa is only renowned as the most distinguished graduate of Sumeru Akademiya. It's odd in Genshin Impact because only characters from noble families and influential clans have family names, such as Diluc from Dawn, Jean, and Barbara from the Gunnhildr family, etc.

Almost every playable character has unveiled background, except for Lisa. There is no information about the Minci family. No one knows where she comes from and where the Minci family is based in. It's still a big secret in the game. When someone asked Lisa about her background, the lazy librarian only refused by saying that she was tired.

She Has A Mysterious Background
She has a mysterious background.

Mondstadt Library

The library in Mondstadt City is a famous location. According to Genshin Impact stories, Mondstadt people lost their faith in the God of Moments, Istaroth, after documents about her were destroyed in the Great Fire of Fall Equinox.

Though 5/6 documents were burned down in that Great Fire, it's still the biggest library in North Teyvat. However, the fire could not burn down the poplar wood door in the basement. According to the Knights of Favonius, there is a restricted room of the library behind that door.

There Is A Restricted Area
There is a restricted area in the Library of Mondstadt.

But many players doubted that there are many secrets in that hidden room. As the librarian, Lisa is responsible for keeping these secrets sealed behind that door. Albedo commented that he always got valuable ideas when talking with her. She is as smart and erudite as a walking library.

Lisa & The Lost Book

In her hangout mission, Traveler accompanied Lisa on the adventure to take an old book back. Donna borrowed the "Pale Princess and Six Pygmies" novel but lost it. There was a rose printed on the cover of this book, which is the symbol of the secret in Mondstadt.

Moreover, the Abyss Mage Emery said that this novel book also hid a mystery though Lisa explained that it was a normal book. After helping Lisa find it, Traveler became the next custodian of this book. It's also a reward for players after completing Lisa's hangout mission though the mystery remains unveiled.

Lisa In The Library
Lisa keeps many secrets that are still unveiled. 

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