Ajey Nagar aka CarryMinati's outburst on fake copyright strikes has been a trending topic in the Indian gaming community and YouTube streamers. Now Naman Mathur aka MortaL has opened up about fake copyright strikes and measures which can be taken to keep such miscreants at bay. In a conversation Gurugamer correspondent, MortaL spoke about how fake copyright strikes can be avoided.


Recently, while streaming CarryMinati was furious after he heard about a fake copyright strike being given to his friend Aman Chandila aka Daddy Cool. During his usual late-night streaming with Chandila and Kunal Saraf aka Gareebooo, CarryMinati slammed people who falsely accuse renowned YouTube streamers of violating copyright terms. He had shared his personal experience while dealing with such a copyright strike and urged other YouTube streamers to file a lawsuit against such persons.


He had said, "These people should rot in jails. How can they try to destroy the hard work of a person by falsely accusing the streamer of violating copyright act? They have made a big joke of copyright terms." He further said, "I want a YouTuber to file a case against such person and the person should face punishment. If anyone of the streamer goes to an extent to file a case or complaint should do it and set a right example of dealing with such people. They think it's a joke. A channel is everything to a streamer. That person is making an earning through his channel and anyone files a false claim to YouTube to kill the channel. That is very wrong."


Supporting to CarryMinati's thoughts, MortaL said, "Yes it's right. If taking a name while livestreaming leads to copyright strike than there is no point. It could be for revenge or personal issues. There should be different ways to deal with such issues instead of giving copyright strikes to streamers or YouTube channels. When a copyright complaint is filed, the entire method should be manual and not automated.  If someone reports a video, the content should be checked manually if the copyright act or privacy of an individual is being violated."


When asked if he has faced any such issue to which MortaL, said, "Copyright claims are very normal but I have not received copyright strikes. If any song is played while on stream and the owner of the content files claim against me than the entire amount of advertisement revenue of that video will go to the owner of the content."