The coronavirus outbreak has caused many industries to suffer heavily due to social distancing. However, the gaming industry wasn't really affected by it apart from tournaments. That's the opinion of Naman 'MortaL' Mathur, the most beloved PUBG Mobile streamer and players in India.

Mortal S Setup 1586672486
MortaL with his full stream set up at his house

Even with the total lockdown order of the Prime Minister over entire India, pro teams are still able to practice together in their boot camps. Streamers are still able to do their daily works and stream from their place as usual. While some big tournaments have been canceled, online tournaments can still go on as scheduled without any problems.

According to MortaL, team SouL practices together for at least 5 hours per day. But on the tournament day, they rest to keep their head clear. MortaL also mentioned that he used to mainly use sniper rifles before but he is switching to DP-28.

Mortal playing in the PEC in China

During the scrims with Tier 1 and Tier 2 teams these days, team SouL is focusing on improving their strategy and skill instead of winning.

When being asked about the future of PUBG Mobile in India, MortaL thinks that the game will remain on the top for a long time thanks to its esports scene. He also says that Call of Duty: Mobile is "growing at a rapid pace" but "it is still going to lack behind". He still plays Call of Duty: Mobile along with other games such as Banate Raho or Clash Royale to relieve stress.

MortaL has been sticking to the PUBG Mobile scene in India for a long time. He is famous not only for his talent in international tournaments but also for his mature personality. In a recent drama concerning team SouL, he took the first step to apologize for his teammate while it wasn't even his fault.