PUBG Mobile is one of the best Battle Royale available for mobile devices. However, if no mobile devices are available or your current device is not sufficient to play the game, you might want to check out these types of Android emulators. This software can easily replace the role of a phone - as they do not really heat much and don't need to be charged.

1 - Bluestack (Can be run on both Windows and MAC)

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One of the most commonly used emulator software, Bluestacks is optimized to handle high-end mobile titles without much lag. This is probably one of the most stable emulators for PUBG Mobile out there - and the thing works on both PC and MAC. The best part of Bluestack is its simple UI that can be customized easily based on your needs.

2 - Tencent Gaming Buddy (PC only)


An official emulator created by the developers of PUBG Mobile themselves. Due to PUBG Mobile being the most played game on the system - they have been optimizing the thing like crazy. It probably has the best performance amongst all the emulators on this list, but require slightly stronger PC specs.

3 - Andy (Can be run on both Windows and MAC)

This is a unique type of emulator in which you can just sync your mobile device with the PC client. If you prefer to play on PC while keep using the mobile controllers, this would be the best choice.

4 - Nox (PC only)


Another very decent emulator for Mobile - it works the same as Bluestack. If your system is somehow not compatible with Bluestack, Nox might somehow be the answer. However, Nox Player has the compatibility problem with some applications and won't let users install them.

5 - Memu Player (PC only)

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Memu Player is one of the new emulators that just appeared on the market. While it can't compete with the big boys above, it still has some very promising features and might be a strong competitor in the future. Memu Player is specifically built for low-end PCs

Playing PUBG Mobile on a PC also gives you choices for higher graphic options and bigger screens/resolutions as well - the performance of a PC is usually higher than a smartphone. You would not need to worry about any type of controls - as you will be playing using a keyboard, the best tool for FPS games. All these emulators are also free - you just have to get to the download page and click a few buttons to acquire and set them up.

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