Many people play PUBG Mobile just for fun. Others are more dedicated, spending more time to practice and hone their skills. But some seem to have taken the game far too seriously, especially in India. Ever since the beginning of 2019, we have reported multiple stories of people assaulting others over PUBG Mobile, stealing money to buy in-game cosmetics, or even committing suicide when stopped from playing.

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PUBG Mobile has been associated with many negative stories in India recently 

Now, we have got yet another incident related to people being too absorbed with PUBG Mobile. Thankfully, nothing too severe has happened this time. It is certainly bizarre, though.

This newest case involves a group of Mumbai-based players trying to claim a territory for themselves to play PUBG Mobile, kind of similar to what a street gang would do.

According to a local resident, a strange sign was spotted hanging on a large tree in the neighborhood, which read: "This place is reserved only for PUBG game players. By order of Vijay Bhau." Naturally, someone took a picture of this bizarre sign and shared it on Twitter.

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Some Mumbai youths tried to claim a territory for themselves to play PUBG Mobile

After getting informed, the Thane police quickly arrived at the scene and took down the poster. Further investigation revealed that this sign was from a group of local college students who wanted to claim the tree for themselves, presumably because that is where they often gather to play together.

Either way, the police said that they’d warned the youths, after which they've not returned to the place. Still, it’s amazing how far some people would go to express their love for their favorite game, and of course that is not a bad thing. However, they should be mindful not to cause troubles for those around them.