As Android Police reported yesterday, NBA 2K Playgrounds has made its way over to the Android platform. The game enjoyed moderate success on both PC and consoles, where it's 2v2 NBA Jam type set up managed to become quite popular despite the fact that many questioned its inclusion of microtransactions.

The mobile version, on the other hand, will be a free-to-play game, so even though microtransactions are still a thing here, you won't have to pay to get started like with the PC or console versions. If you do decide to pick it up, however, note that the current version is only a beta, so you might encounter some issues.

In case you are not familiar with NBA 2K Playgrounds, it's kind of an arcade-style basketball game featuring 2v2 matches on smaller courts. You'll get many legendary figures from all over the history of the NBA, all of whom are presented in a cartoonish fashion.

Nba 2k Playgrounds Android Featured 04b6_wm
An arcade basketball experience

The players also have their own unique abilities to bring to the court too. Still, you only get to pick 2 at the same time, so be sure to choose those that have good synergy with one another. For example, if you already have a great offensive player, the second one should be a defense expert to form an all-round duo.

There’s also the option to upgrade your players and unlock new ones by opening packs – so lootboxes basically. These packs cost premium currencies, which you can either buy with real cash or grind through doing daily challenges and events. Needless to say, the latter method will take you much longer.

Nba 2k 6e3f_wm
Lootboxes are present

NBA 2K Playgrounds is now up on the Google Play Store if you want to give it a go. As mentioned, it’s a free-to-play app with IAPs included.