For the past few months, we have reported several times about NetEase’s upcoming game Cyber Hunter, which will be a new entry to the Battle Royale genre on mobile. Back then, however, no specific release date was available, but now, we finally have one confirmed by the game’s official Twitter page.

According to an announcement made through a tweet on Friday, the game will be coming out on April 26, and it will be available on both Android and iOS.

As mentioned, Cyber Hunter is a Battle Royale game following a sci-fi theme. Like any other battle royale, it puts 100 players together in a huge map that gets smaller over time, and they have to battle it out to become the ultimate survivor.

However, Cyber Hunter has made several innovations to the standard battle royale formula. The physics are exceptional, and it also has a roll-over button. On top of that, the game sports a wide collection of vehicles for players to easily traverse both land and water.

Cyber Hunter
The game will have a sci-fi theme

These vehicles are capable of a lot more than just being a mean of transportation, too, as they all come with some sort of special abilities. Furthermore, to keep in line with the sci-fi vibe, guns in Cyber Hunter also comes in multiple shapes and sizes, from plasma-shooters to laser guns.

Vehicles in this game can do a lot more than just taking players around the map

A beta version of the game was actually launched in certain countries in the South-East Asia region about a month ago and was pretty well-received. Right now, interested players who live in other parts of the world can go to the Google Play store or the App Store to pre-register for the global version to get it as soon as it becomes available.

We are so excited about this release, what about you? Will you give it a try or will you be sticking to PUBG Mobile?