Fornite latest update brings to us exciting news of supporting controller for Fornite mobile and also this update will allow the game to runs in 60fps on some Android devices.

The list of devices that will support 60fps includes but is not limited to Huawei Mate 20 X, Huawei Honor View 20 and Galaxy Note 9. According to the developer team, in the future, there will be also many more.

New Fortnite Update Is Bringing 60fps And Controll
Fortnite is now going to support controllers on mobile devices.

And about the controller support, with this new update, the game will support any controller that you use to play other Android games.

New Solid Gold LTM and Chiller Grenade

Besides several bug fixes and gameplay adjustments, this update also brings some nice new content. We're going to have a new tool: the Chiller Grenades, which make the ground slippery, as well as a Solid Gold limited time mode.

New Fortnite Update Is Bringing 60fps And Controll
The Chiller Grenades.

These new contents will increase the game's speed for sure. In the Solid Gold mode, all weapon drop will be of Legendary quality and the amount of material you earn from gathering will also increase.


The update also comes with the new Pop-Up Cup Architect Tournament. You could join in either in Team, Duo or Solo by yourself. This new Pop-Up Cup will also apply the same rule as the previous tournaments. However, according to the change notes, this will be only an experiment and they will wait for feedback from users to decide on next steps.

New Fortnite Update Is Bringing 60fps And Controll
The update also comes with a new tournament

From this update, the tournaments will also feature leaderboards to highlight top players and announce events. Aside from that, there will be the minimum level requirement of 10 for each participant of the tournament.

For more information on the new update, you could go to the official site of Fortnite where they posted all the patch notes.