The Incubator surely holds Free Fire's greatest cosmetic items. Whenever a new Incubator bundle or gun skin comes out, they always become the center of attention really quickly. Today, a new incubator — MP5 Fatal Snarl — has made its way into the game. The new collection: Rogue Lava MP5 is now available to grab!

Mp5 Fatal Snarl Skins
The Mp5 Fatal Snarl Incubator is now available in Free Fire.

MP5 Fatal Snarl Incubator Is Live In Free Fire

As we have mentioned above, the new MP5 Fatal Snarl Incubator has kicked off today, September 5th. During the event, Free Fire survivors can spend Diamonds to spin and collect “Blueprint: Fatal Snarl” and “Evolution Stone” tokens to redeem the Rogue Lava MP5 skins.

Mp5 Fatal Snarl Variants
There are four variants of the new MP5 skin.

Each spin in the Incubator costs 40 Diamonds. You can also purchase a pack of 5 spins at 180 Diamonds to save 20 Diamonds.

There will be four variants of the Rogue Lava MP5. Each variant will cost a different number of Blueprints as well as Evolution Stones. The details are as follow:

  • MP5 Rogue Lava: 3x Blueprint: Fatal Snarl + 7x Evolution Stones
  • MP5 Frozen Lava: 2x Blueprint: Fatal Snarl + 5x Evolution Stones
  • MP5 Meta Lava: 2x Blueprint: Fatal Snarl + 4x Evolution Stones
  • MP5 Jungle Lava: 1x Blueprint: Fatal Snarl + 3x Evolution Stones
Mp5 Rogue Lava Full
Mp5 Rogue Lava is the best skin in this collection.

Hence, to redeem the best skin - Rogue Lava MP5 skin, you will need 3 Blueprints and 7 Evolution Stone tokens. Please note that you won't be guaranteed to get the tokens. You may get other items that are also in the prize pool.

How To Claim Rogue Lava MP5 Skin?

Here's how to play the Incubator event and get your new MP5 skin:

  • Launch Garena Free Fire on your devices. Open the “Luck Royale” via the icon on the left side of the screen.
  • Next, choose the “Incubator” tab. Select the number of spins you want to buy. Spin to accumulate the required tokens. Remember, you need 3 Blueprints and 7 Evolution Stone tokens for the Rogue Lava MP5 skin.
  • Once you have acquired a sufficient number of tokens, click the “Enter” option. On the list of redeemable skin, choose the  Rogue Lava MP5.
  • Hit the “Exchange” option. The skin is now yours.
Mp5 Rogue Lava
Spin to get the tokens you need to exchange for this beautiful skin.

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