Coming from developer FunPlus, Dream Detective is a new object finding game that is set to hit both Android and iOS next month on the 4th of December. Normally, this is not the type of game we’d consider very exciting, but the lovely art style of this one alone makes it worth mentioning. Check out its trailer below:

In Dream Detective, you’ll be put in the shoes of Allie, who somehow finds himself trapped in a place called the Dream Land. The Time Crystal here has been damaged, sending the world into an unstable state. In order to restore things to order, Allie will have to look at various scenes and try to find the object that is out of place.

The game does seem to be a tribute to several significant moments in history and in popular culture in general throughout the pictures that you’ll be scanning. For example, in the trailer above you can see Ancient Egyptian Tombs, 101 Dalmations, and 'The Scream' from Edvard Munch. So there's quite a lot of variety on offer here

Dream Detective
Look for hidden objects across many scenes

There will reportedly be 200 scenes in total in the final version of the game, all of which are presented in a cutesy art style that we found to be pretty interesting. It's the type of visual style that makes you always want to move forward, to finish the current level just so you can see what the next one will be.

That said, it remains to be seen whether the game can stay interesting across its 200 levels. The developer has promised a reasonably in-depth narrative with many characters to encounter along the way, so that might be enough to make people stay.

Dream Detective 2
The art style is no doubt captivating

Dream Detective will be coming to both Google Play and the App Store on December 4th with pre-registration already available right now. It’s expected to be a free-to-play game with IAPs.