Just a week ago, the mobile esports platform, Mobile Premier League, held an online chess tournament with Rs 10 lakh prize pool. Surprisingly, the tournament attracted 90,472 players with 1.2 million games played. It seems that even with the emerge of PUBG Mobile and other mobile games, chess still hasn't lost its attraction after all the years. MPL is looking to host another carrom tournament next.

MPL is a mobile e-Sports platform

While games such as PUBG Mobile allow players to have a lot of fun while making some money off online tournaments, old games like chess or ludo and carrom can do the same too. Both their popularity and competitiveness is no doubt on par with those biggest titles on the market now. Furthermore, they are suitable for all ages and genders, everyone can play them.

Mpl Chess
Up to 90,000 people joined the tournament

Apart from MPL, there are other platforms which are holding tournaments of household games that many people have grown up with. A few months ago, at the GameOn Masters: India, there have been several Ludo and Real Carrom tournaments that offered players the prize of Rs 1 Lakh for each game with the finals were held in Delhi.

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Chess attracts players of all ages

While most games nowadays have targeted audiences, classic games like chess don't have that kind of restriction. People just want to play their game no matter on what platform. Mobile devices achieved that and more. They allow these games to have richer competitive scenes and assist the player with prize money so they can pursue what they love.

Srinivas G. is planning for an even bigger chess tournament on MPL and lets players from other countries join too. At this pace, we can really expect more of these old games to come back with the support of online platforms.

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