Having a healthy battery is probably amongst the biggest factor that would let you enjoy gaming on your phone... as playing videogames consume a lot of power. Here are the top 5 tips to prolong your device battery.

1 - Take off your phone cover if you are charging it overnight

Phones actually have the feature to automatically cut charging when the battery is filled up to stop the device from overheating. Heat is actually the real enemy in this situation - you should take off your phone cover so that the heat could be mitigated easier.

Overcharging is actually not as big of a problem

2 - Go for short charges

According to phone manufacturers, the sweet spots for lithium-ion batteries are 50 to 80%. You should charge your phone frequently for short durations throughout the day so that the charged ion would continue working - your battery life would be extended.

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Avoid charging from 0 to 100 - try to keep your phone over 50% at all times

3 - Avoid 0 -> 100 charges

0 ->100 is called a charge cycle... and phone batteries only have about 300-500 cycles before degradation kicks in. You should avoid using up all energy from your battery if you want it to last longer.

4 - Beware of quick chargers

Heat is the biggest enemy of batteries... and quick chargers usually cause your device to heat up. If you are using one, remember to disconnect it on time.

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Heat is the biggest enemy of any electronic devices

5 - Use Quality Chargers

It is best that you use the same chargers that come with your phone - if that's not possible, try to get a new charger from the company that makes your phone. These are usually custom-made for your device and would fit the best with its specifications.

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