Your favorite hotshot flyboy Pigeon is back in Pigeon Wings Strike! It is the latest sequel to the classic arcade shooter.

Pigeon Wings Strike
It’s time you become a marvelous pilot again and save your dear city!

The evil Duke Dexter and his herds of minions are back and they’re heading towards to Pigeon hometown at Velo City. Having brand-new improved troops, Dexter is definitely a threat that the Pigeons must act upon.

Check out the official game trailer as below:

Welcome aboard, Cunningham and Presto!

Fortunately, Pigeon is having Presto and Cunningham to join him on the air. Let’s see how the newcomers can help Pigeon with his mission to save the city: Cunningham is a daredevil pilot that has just the suitable moves to deal with Duke Dexter’s minions.

On the other hand, our buddy Presto is quite different. He’s actually a fish but his skills are phenomenal to help the squad.

Pigeon Wings Strike
It’s your important call to wisely choose your pilot in Pigeon Wings Strike.

Also, it’s possible to unlock more characters, even secret ones with amazing special abilities. So, wait no more, time to take down those pesky minions with the smooth touch controls from your devices.

Exciting features

In Pigeon Wings Strike, you’ll get to experience the endless and incredibly smooth arcade-style gameplay action. In addition, Pigeon Wings Strike is the fastest shooter ever established on mobiles. How exciting!

Pigeon Wings Strike
Expect a ridiculously smooth arcade action in Pigeon Wings Strike, the jet-fueled sequel to Pigeon Wings.

If you’re ready for real challenges, assemble with your real-life friends and play since Pigeon Wings Strike enables local multiplayer. Each and every one gets to choose from their favorite pilots. From there, it’s the ultimate object to knock out every threat on their way!

Pigeon Wings Strike
The city needs you, it's time for Pigeon Wings Strike!

Pigeon Wings Strike is now available on the App Store for free. It is also optimized for iPhone and iPad users.