Coming from developer Athena, Pixel Art: Color Island is an extremely relaxing casual game in which you’ll try to build and add colors to beautiful pixel art islands. It aims to help players reduce anxiety and stress while at the same time acts as an exercise to improve their memory, focus, and intuition. To be sure, that’s a lot of things to try to do at once, but Color Island's combination of vibrant graphics and simple, stress-free gameplay might just do the trick. Check out its trailer below:

The goal of the game is very simple: You are presented with a barren island at the beginning, and your task is to place various objects such as buildings, plants, animals, and even people there and then fill them with colors in order to create a lively landscape. Once you finish, you’ll see the island expand in new and interesting ways.

You’ll earn stars and happiness points as you work, which will in turn unlock more islands to explore and color. There’s also a paint booster feature that paints all the connected pixel with the same number, allowing you to complete the objective faster.

Color Island Ios Artwork Explore
Unlock new islands as you progress

The artworks, meanwhile, come from a wide variety of talented artists. They have all been specifically designed for the game, and there are tons of them to play with. As a result, you'll never find yourself running out of stuff to color. To keep things fresh, each new island will come with its own unique theme.

The game is totally playable even when you have no internet connection and its pleasant presentation as well as intuitive designs make it the perfect game to play in short sessions.

Color Island Ios Screenshot Tree And Item Menu
This is the perfect game to relax with, and it's best played in short sessions

All in all, Pixel Art: Color Island is a nice option for those who are on the lookout for something to help them blow off some steam at the end of a long day. The game is available right now on both Google Play and the App Store.