You may want to reconsider the idea of playing Wild Rift on an emulator. Riot Games is banning users who are using “prohibited third-party programs,” which might include emulators that players use to play the game on PC. Take the case of the popular streamer of the world's famous MOBA game - Cowsep as the prime example. His account was suspended from using a third-party program, and speculations lead to the emulator.
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Using an emulator to play Wild Rift get you banned?

Wild Rift on an Emulator = Banned?

Currently, Wild Rift is in Open Beta in several regions. As with any other mobile game, players can enjoy the MOBA title on PC using various third party emulators. Or that's exactly what the popular streamer Joseph Osceola "Cowsep" Hursey was thinking. Recently, Cowsep received a ban from Riot Games, citing the use of “third-party software” as the reason. Cowsep was also not able to access his League account as a result.

cowsep ban
Cowsep was banned from Wild Rift

Although he personally does not think the emulator is the reason for his ban, many seem to have the opposite idea. For a streamer like Cowsep, playing and streaming exclusively on PC is a must. It's more powerful and it gets the job done!

Cowsep Uses Emulators To Play Wild Rift
He doesn't think the emulator was the problem

There are no streamers who want to play a MOBA on mobile devices and stream simultaneously. However, it's very likely that Riot Games considers the emulator to be a third-party app that grants PC players an unfair advantage, hence, issued the ban.

Still, nothing has been confirmed regarding the primary reason behind the ban. The Wild Rift community has also pointed at the use of a VPN as a possible cause since Riot recently cut off Wild Rift access for VPN users. Yet, the evidence seems dull since other players using VPNs do not have any repercussions.

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Wait until the Riot Games issues their official statement

At the time of writing, Riot Games hasn't issued any official announcement on the cause of the ban. But for now, you may want to steer clear from emulators and VPNs for Wild Rift. Especially for those who have worked hard to climb rank or bought the latest K/DA skin. Let's wait for confirmation from the game publisher.