In case you didn’t know, today's digital pregnancy test has a more powerful processor than an IBM computer of the first generation. Each piece of Rs 150 pregnancy test has a 4 MHz or 8 Mhz Hltek 8 bit with RAM, battery, and an LCD screen.

Lately, a hardware specialist in the US has taken the world by storm for making the world classic shooting game Doom playable on a pregnancy test. Here is how he made it possible!

Play games On A Pregnancy Test

While the idea of playing the iconic first shooter Doom on different devices, Foone Turing, a programmer from California, the US is the first one to make it work on a pregnancy test. Check out his tweet below:

According to Foote, he earlier tried to broadcast short Doom gameplay on the pregnancy test before making it actually playable on the device. According to him, as both the CPU and the LCD screen of the test have been programmed to show the test result only, he had to replace it with others so the test is qualified for video gameplay.

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The video which features him playing within a wireless keyboard, moving the character on a tiny screen of the pregnancy test went viral on the internet and hit more than 13 lakh views on Twitter, not to mention other videos on Youtube. Everyone confessed that they have been blown away with the super creative ideal of playing the iconic game on a 128x32 pixel screen.

Do you think someday the next generation can make PUBG Mobile or Free Fire playable on a pregnancy test? Let us know your opinion by writing in the comment section below!

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