PMPL South Asia scrims results, schedule, prize pool and things you should know about this online event are updated here. When PMPL 2020 is canceled all over the world due to the coronavirus outbreak, PMPL South Asia Scrims is an alternative event to follow. Don’t miss any news about PUBG mobile India scrims with

PMPL 2020 South Asia Scrims

Coronavirus outbreak is the greatest concern in the world now. It puts the world in a global emergency and forces all events and activities to stop. All esports tournaments are also postponed to fight coronavirus, including PMPL 2020 South Asia. This event was canceled after Day 2. You can also check out further details and PMPL South Asia results on our website.

Pmpl 2020 South Asia Announced
PMPL 2020 South Asia Scrims was announced with big prize pools to entertain you

To keep fans and audiences of PMPL South Asia entertained, Tencent and PUBG Mobile Esports held daily scrims for all PMPL South Asian teams. The PMPL South Asia scrims prize money is up to $1000 per matchday. In specific, the first place gets $700, the second place gets $200, and the team at the third place gets $100. 

Pmpl South Asia Prize Money
PMPL South Asia Scrims Prize Pool

Every matchday of the PMPL 2020 South Asia scrims starts at 5.30 p.m. There are four matches per day, taking place on four classic maps of PUBG Mobile: Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. 20 teams from PMPL South Asia 2020 will participate and compete for the biggest prize of these scrims. Since the coronavirus outbreak hasn’t been controlled in the world yet, Tencent hasn’t announced the date for the comeback of PMPL South Asia. So, these scrims may last until the pandemic is put under control in the world and the PMPL event officially comes back.

Pmpl 2020 South Asia Scrims Teams
20 teams participating in PMPL South Asia Scrims

To ensure safety for all participants, these scrims are also online matches. Fans and audiences can watch these exciting matches on the official Youtube channel of DarkTitans Gaming at 5.30 p.m everyday. The results of these scrims are also updated here in this article.

PMPL South Asia Scrims Results

PMPL Scrims Day 1

The first day of this online tournament took place on March 25th. After Day 1, team Godlike occupied the first place with 96 points, including a Chicken Dinner and 36 kill points after four matches. They brought home $700. Team Syner GE also had 96 points and took second place because they made only 17 kill points. And TeamIND brought home $100 when ending their first matchday at the third place with 94 points. 

Pmpl South Asia Scrims Results Day 1
PMPL SA Scrims Results Day 1: Godlike #1, Syner GE #2, TeamIND #3

TSM Entity, SouL, and Fnatic, three seed teams of this tournament didn’t perform well enough on Day 1. 

PMPL South Asia Scrims Result Day 2

The second matchday of PUBG Mobile India scrims took place on March 26th. TeamIND, who ended Day 1 in third place, won the biggest prize on Day 2 with 96 points. Although they didn’t get any Chicken Dinner on the second matchday, they still had a great performance with 78 place points. Team Elementrix won $200 with 86 points and a Chicken Dinner. UMExRxN went third place with 79 points and got $100. 

Despite getting a Chicken Dinner in game 3 with 11 kills, TSM Entity couldn’t get a high place in the overall standings. 

PMPL Scrims Day 3 Results

Day 3 took place on March 27th. Megastars excellently won the first place with 71 points, including an insane kill point of 30. Therefore, although they didn’t win a Chicken Dinner on that matchday, they still brought home the biggest PMPL South Asia scrims prize money

Pmpl South Asia Scrims Results Day 3
PMPL SA Scrims Results Day 3

Powerhouse got up to two out of four Chicken Dinners that night. However, they still ended their competing day in second place with 24 kill points. Team SouL, one of the seed teams in this tournament, got one Chicken Dinner and 61 points in total. They won third place after Day 3. 

PMPL South Asia Scrims Results Scrims Day 4

Day 4 was full of excitement. Marcos Gaming, a less popular name in 20 teams won first place with 86 points. Especially, they got two Chicken Dinners and made a total of 31 kill points to win the biggest prize of that matchday. Team Godlike came back to the group of top teams in second place with 63 points. Megastars, who won first place on Day 3, ended their fourth matchday in third place with 60 points.

PMPL Scrims Day 5 Results

Day 5 of PMPL 2020 South Asia scrims has just ended hours ago. Players of Megastars are maintaining their manners and got first place with 72 points. With 46 place points and 26 kills, Megastars are playing well in this tournament. 

Besides, a new name in the top 3 is Celtz in second place. It was the first time this team ended up in such a high place and got prize money. Team Godlike also had a good performance and occupied the third place with 60 points.

PMPL South Asia Day 6

Day 6 has ended a few hours ago. Team Megastars once again brought home the biggest prize of these crimes. They scored 73 points with one Chicken Dinner and 23 kills. It seems that the battleground is hotter than ever before.

Team vsgCRAWLERS went second place with 67 points. Fnatic, a seed team of this tournament, went third place with 63 points. Especially, Fnatic proved their power with 29 kills in total. However, only one Chicken Dinner couldn't help them get a higher place.

Day 7 and Day 8 will take place soon. You can update the latest PMPL South Asia scrims results here. The results of PMPL South Asia day 7 and PMPL South Asia day 8, as well as other PUBG Mobile game news, will be updated here on