The Grand Finals of PUBG Mobile Star Challenge World Cup 2019 has ended yesterday and after 5 matches, Team Unique has won 2 Chicken Dinner and make themselves as the champion. RRQ Athena could have been the champion, but Team Unique's consistent performance throughout the day and their explosive game 5 has secured them the first place by a large margin of 30 points. RRQ Athena went second place in the end with 81 points and 1 Chicken Dinner.

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PUBG Mobile Start Challenge World Cup 2019 Grand Finals standings

On game 1, Team Unique fall short with only 7 points. But they started picking up the pace on game 2, Team Unique placed themselves at 3rd place.

In the third match on Miramar, we had a crazy late game with 12 teams survived. The final circle was super chaotics with engagements from different teams against each other.  But Team Unique stuck together and play as a team to win their first Chicken Dinner that match. This one is a decisive match for them as they earned 36 points and climbed from top 5 to top 1 on the leaderboard.

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There were 12 teams left in the final circle of the third match on Miramar

The fourth match belonged to RRQ Athena with their Chicken Dinner and shoot them to the top of the leaderboard. But Team Unique still got 4th place, preventing RRQ Athena from leaving them too far behind to come back in the final match.

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Team Unique won thanks to their consistent play and 2 huge Chicken Dinner on game 3 and game 5

Team QUESO went third place with 65 points while team Cloud9 fell all the way back to fourth place with 60 points.

Team Unique took home the crown and their $100,000 prize money. RRQ Athena took $60,000 and Team QUESO got $30,000.

The Mastery Scrims of the PUBG Mobile All Stars India was also just ended. Fnatic was the winner with 404 points, closely followed by Team IND with 399 points.