Day 2 Week 2 of the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) 2020 East League Play has concluded yesterday now we know which 16 teams will be in the Super Weekend Week 2.

Bigetron RA, as expected took the top position with a total of 97 points and 46 kills. However, it was a very close win as other teams were just a few points behind them.

Team Secret was in the 2nd place with 95 points, 28 kills and Valdus The Murder was in the 3rd place with 93 points, 45 points.

12214 Overall Standings 1
Overall Standings and Results of the PMWL East 2020 Season Zero League Play Day 2 Week 2
25242 Overall Standings 2
Overall Standings and Results of the PMWL East 2020 Season Zero League Play Day 2 Week 2

Megastars stayed in the 5th place with their consistency even though they don't have any Chicken Dinner. Megastars is currently having 79 points with 32 kills.

TSM-Entity couldn't keep their fire on the first day and fell down to the 10th place. While the results of this round don't matter much, it is still sad to see the best Indian team crumble like this. It causes fans to wonder if they can even get a high position.

Megastars has been doing pretty decent in this tournament

SyngerGE started Day 2 with a Chicken Dinner and a beautiful 2vs4 against team Box Gaming. However, 1 Chicken Dinner cannot compensate for their constant early eliminations. They ended up in 15th place with 61 points and 24 kills. That means they are going to the Super Weekend Week 2 as well.

GodLike, unfortunately, failed to make it into the Super Weekend again. Since there is only a total of 3 Super Weekend, team Godlike is now 90% no longer has the chance to join the PMWL East Finals.

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