PN Kiara is one of the fastest-growing female Free Fire YouTubers in India. She mostly streams Free Fire gameplay on her YouTuber channel "KIARA ᴾᴺ ", which is currently having 357 thousand subscribers. It's rare to see a female Free Fire YouTuber who has such great in-game skills as PN Kiara. This is why she can attract such a large amount of fans to her channel.

Check out more detail about PN Kiara's Free Fire MAX ID, stats, and YouTube earnings below.

PN Kiara’s Free Fire MAX ID and stats

PN Kiara’s Free Fire MAX ID is 937351111. She is currently in the Pro Nation Nation guild, whose ID number is 71272100. Her account is at Level 71 at the moment with 15700 likes. In the current rank season, she is at Silver tier in Battle Royale mode and Grandmaster tier in CS-Ranked.

Pn Kiaras Free Fire Max Id
PN Kiara’s Free Fire MAX profile and ID.

Let's check out the details stats of PN Kiara in the Battle Royale mode below.

Pn Kiaras Free Fire Max Stats
PN Kiara’s Free Fire MAX Battle Royale career stats.

In Solo mode, the streamer played 5878 matches and won 332 of them, making up a win rate of 5.64%. She eliminated 8,820 players during those games and earned a K/D ratio of 1.59.

In Duo mode, Kiara achieved 265 victories in total over 3420 matches, which is a win rate of 7.74%. The girl has a K/D ratio of 1.82 with a total of 5729 kills.

In Squad mode, she has 3390 matches in total with 532 victories, which translates to a 15.69% win rate. She took down 7,380 players in this mode and got a K/D ratio of 2.58.

PN Kiara’s YouTube earnings

According to Social Blade, KIARA's YouTube channel got more than 1.3 million views over the last 30 days. From this data, the site estiamted that her income from YouTube is somewhere between $337 - $5.4K.

Pn Kiaras Free Fire Max Earning
PN Kiara YouTube income estimated by Social Blade.


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