PUBG Mobile is definitely going to return to India but there is still no exact date of release and no one can tell for sure when it will come back. This has left many Indian players, including pro players very frustrated.

PUBG Mobile was the number one video game in India with a million players. However, the game was banned by the Indian government on September 4 along with 117 other Chinese apps. Ever since the ban, Indian players have been longing for the return of their favorite game.

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PUBG Corp teased the return of PUBG Mobile in India a few days ago. Indian players will have a unique version of PUBG Mobile that is more suitable to the Indian culture and preferences.

The teaser video of PUBG Mobile India features famous pro players and streamers such as Dynamo, Kroten, and Johnathan. From there, players expected to see a full trailer and release date of PUBG Mobile soon but there is still nothing so far.

Here are the reactions of Indian PUBG Mobile pro players about the delay of the return:

Ghatak, the leader of TSM Entity team, has already lost all of his patience.

Maxtern is apparently also feeling the same way as Ghatak.

Ocean , the one who is known for his calm, is now also on fire because PUBG Mobile is still nowhere to be found.

iMazik: Content creator for Insidious eSports

There is nothing anyone could do but wait until there is an official announcement from PUBG Mobile now. The best way to get the latest information is to follow the newly created website of PUBG Mobile India along with their social media pages.

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