What is the best PUBG avatar maker on the internet? PUBG Mobile, no need introduction, is the most popular mobile game not only in India but many other countries around the world. The game has more than 50 crore users with 5 crores playing every day.

When it comes to your PUBG Mobile profile, having a cool and professional avatar is one of the first factors to distinguish you from other players. If you don’t have any idea about how you want your PUBG Avatar logo to look like, we have a bunch of apps to make it for you. All you need to do is just choose your name, your team name and the style you like and the app will do the rest part. However, the best thing about the best PUBG Avatar maker is that it is absolutely free.

PUBG Avatar Maker 1
PUBG avatar maker free is what many PUBG Mobile players are looking for

If you want to have an impressive and recognizable PUBG Mobile avatar like pro players in 5 minutes at no cost, check out the list of best PUBG avatar makers right below, follow the instructions and make your own avatar!

Best PUBG Avatar Maker FREE

1. Logo Esport Maker | Create Gaming Logo Maker

Download: 1 crore+
Ratings: 4.5/5
Size: 50M

PUBG Avatar Maker 2
You can have a cool avatar in a few minutes thanks to this PUBG avatar maker online

If you're looking for the best PUBG Avatar Maker, this app is no doubt the number 1 option which not only allows you to make an avatar in PUBG style but also many other games. This app is outstanding that it could offer you a PUBG avatar for free while many other platforms will ask for a thousand-lakh purchase.

With this PUBG avatar maker, making a professional profile picture for you and your whole clan has never been easier. You can make PUBG avatar with name and add your slogan/your team name on it. These stickers come in varied styles, colors, and texture that you will be overwhelmed with fantastic gaming logo ideas.

2. Gaming Logo Maker - Design Ideas

Download: 10 lakh+
Ratings: 4.4/5
Size: 18M

Gaming Logo Maker Design Ideas PUBG Avatar Maker
Gaming Logo Maker Design Ideas is one of the best PUBG avatar maker online free

Another rising PUBG avatar maker you should take into consideration is  Gaming Logo Maker - Design Ideas. There is a vast range of cool stickers and text styles for you to pick. An avid player who want to make his name big among the gaming community will need his own avatar which is cool, professional, and impressive at the same time. If you haven't made up you mind on your PUBG avatar yet, check out the best avatar ideas from this app.

The app has more than 10 lakh downloads on Google Play with 4.4/5 stars ratings. It's easy to use and only 18M in size so it is compatible to all types of smartphones.

3. Logo Esport Gaming Logo Maker Export

Download: 5 lakh+
Ratings: 4.3/5
Size: 25M

PUBG Avatar Maker 3
The app comes with many options for you to go with

While searching for PUBGavatar maker online, you will also find this app one of the most download ones on Google Play. In fact, this is also a highly-recommended PUBG avatar logo maker. Apart from plenty of cool stickers and texts, what makes the app different from its rival is it allows users to change the texture with creative background photos. 

You can have these PUBG avatar maker free while there are some premium items that you will need to purchase at a very low price. 

How to change your PUBG Mobile avatar

In fact, both PUBG and PUBG Movie only allow its players to pick among a couple of provided avatars at the start while other items can only be unlocked by completing missions or with BC. Although this much-converted avatar is nice and cool, some players would prefer a unique gaming avatar.

At the moment, you cannot upload your own avatar to the game after making one with a PUBG avatar maker. However, if your PUBG Mobile account is linked with a social media one like Facebook, Twitter or Google+, you can pick your social media avatar for PUBG Mobile.

In case you need clear instruction on how to change your PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite avatar with your own photo and how to link your game account with social media account, check out the following article: PUBG Lite Avatar: How To Change Your Profile Picture In PUBG Mobile Lite

Above is the list of the best PUBG Avatar maker you can ever find online. All of these apps are free, easy to use, and helpful for PUBG players. Visit Gurugamers.come for more interesting news about games and entertainment.