Recently, ScoutOP, one of the most skilled PUBG Mobile players in India, has announced on stream that he is going to retire from PUBG Mobile competitive.

ScoutOP is very well-known among the PUBG Mobile community in India and even among the PUBG Mobile pro scene around the world. He has always been the star of every team that he was in from Team IND, Fnatic, Orange Rock.

However, somehow, the road of this player in the PUBG Mobile pro scene has been really rough as he failed to win every major PUBG Mobile tournament that he was in, which is very surprising. Due to his short temper, he also often got caught in dramas with other players in the scene and receive a lot of backlash from the community.

Scout will be joining the upcoming Valorant Invitational tournament

ScoutOP is currently playing for Orange Rock in the PMWL East and they have qualified for the PMWL East Finals, which is starting on August 6. But it seems that this will the last PUBG Mobile tournament of ScoutOP for a while.

At the same time, we can see on the Instagram handle of 8-Bit Thug and ScoutOP, we can see that ScoutOP is going to join the upcoming Valorant Invitational in India by Nordwind Gaming. While Valorant hasn't got a South Asia server yet, it doesn't stop everyone here from enjoying the game.

Valorant Ss Scaled 1

Who knows? ScoutOP might become a pro Valorant players after this tournament if things work out for him or maybe he will be a streamer and try different games on his stream from now on or maybe he will be back to the PUBG Mobile pro scene like MortaL did last year.

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