Being the lite version of the popular survival game PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite is targeted to players with low-end smartphones. One year after the release, PUBG Lite is accelerating a huge fan base. Just like its older version, the game has similar functions and features including the in-game currency called BC (Battle Coins). In fact, this is one of the most converted thing with which players can buy staggering outfits, winner passes, or skins. That’s why everyone keeps searching for how to get PUBG lite free BC 2020.

PUBG Lite Free BC 2020
How to get PUBG lite free BC 2020? The answer is right down below so keep scrolling down

You can get free BC in PUBG Lite after completing objectives, daily missions, and attending the game event frequently. In addition to that, just like many other in-app purchase games, you will need to spend actual money to buy BC. While 90BC costs Rs 85, you have to pay Rs 240 for 285BC in the game. As the price is quite expensive for most young players, PUBG lite free BC 2020 is one of the hottest topics which draws the attention of every PUBG player.

However, while searching for pubg lite free bc hack 2020 or PUBG lite free bc hack 2020 download, users might face a lot of cyber risks as your device can be contracted with dangerous viruses and malware sent by hackers. In addition to that, there is also a potential threat relating to legal issues when you try to violate the terms and conditions of the app.

If you’re looking for a few latest and legit ways to get some PUBG lite free BC 2020, so keep on reading.

PUBG Lite Free BC 2020
Pubg Mobile Lite is becoming as popular as its elder version

How to earn PUBG lite free BC 2020

In fact, the most legit way to get pubg mobile lite free bc coins 2020 is getting redeem code from Google Play Credits or Google Plays Gift Card which you only need to complete some easy surveys and polls to get.

The most trusted platform where you can get pubg mobile lite bc redeem code free 2020 is Google Opinion Rewards. In addition to that, there are several trusted GPT (Get Paid To) platforms with which you can earn some extra money and get redeem code for PUBG Lite BC for free.

Keep scrolling down to get the details instruction on how to PUBG lite free BC 2020 on these websites.

PUBG Lite Free BC 2020
PUBG Mobile Lite BC is the much-conveted thing every player wish to have

Google Opinion Rewards

Developed by Google, Google Opinion Rewards is a mobile app that pays its users with Google Play Credits for filling in surveys from all types of companies. You can use the virtual money to redeem PUBG mobile lite free BC. Although the rewards are small, the tasks are so easy that it only takes you a few minutes for each one so it’s worth giving it a try.

Google Opinion Rewards is made available on both Google Play Market and App Store. It is rated as one of the most trusted and convenient rewards-based programs you can use to get PUBG lite free BC 2020.

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Prizerebel Review
You will 100% win PUBG lite free BC 2020 with PrizeRebel


Among several Get Paid To (GPT) websites you can find on the internet, PrizeRebel is the first one you should pay attention to if you can to get PUBG lite free BC 2020 in the shortest time. The website works like Google Opinion Rewards where you earn virtual points as rewards for doing surveys and seeing advertisements. The point you earn can be converted into Paypal money, Flipkart or Amazon vouchers depending on your demand. 

To get PUBG mobile lite bc redeem code free 2020, use the voucher to buy Google Play Gift Cards. The gift cards can be easily purchased in India on e-commerce websites like Amazon or eBay.

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Getting PUBG lite free BC 2020 has never been easier with Swagbucks


Another GPT website on the list is Swagbucks. By completing daily tasks, doing polls, and quizzes, you will be rewarded with Swagbuck Points (SB). When you’ve collected 800SB, you can redeem a Flipkart voucher with which you can buy Google Play Gift Cards.

In fact, you can buy in-app points of many games like Call Of Duty, Pokemon Go, Clash Royale and of course PUBG Mobile Lite with Google Play Gift Cards. If you're also a fan of Call Of Duty, do not miss out this article: 3 Easiest Tricks To Get Free CP In Call Of Duty Mobile Legally In 2020

Google Play Gift Card PUBG Lite Free BC 2020
With Google Play Gift Card, you can buy so many things from games to apps and books on Google Play

Apart from Swagbucks and Prizerbel, there are also many other legit GPT websites like InstaGC, Clixsense or Superpayme where you can get PUBG lite free BC 2020 without violating the terms and conditions of the game.

Please note that all of these methods to get PUBG lite free BC 2020 can only be done with human verification. Trying to get PUBG lite free bc hack 2020 is considered ineligible and violating the Terms and Conditions of Tencent Games.

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