PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update will bring many great changes and new features. The latest update 1.0 has arrived with a remaster map 2.0 and a new era to this game. Then, the recent leaks of PUBG Mobile new 1.9 update leave a lot of players excited. Check out the full details of this upcoming update here with

PUBG Mobile 1.9 Release Date

PUBG Mobile 1.9 seems to arrive soon, about 2 months later. As normal, PUBG Mobile developers introduce new updates every two months. Therefore, the release date of this update may fall into the middle of this November. Although it takes a long time until the coming of this version, many leaks have been unveiled. These leaks come from the Chinese version of this game that is titled "Game For Peace".

PUBG Mobile 1.9 Is Coming Soon With More Fun
PUBG Mobile 1.9 Is Coming Soon With More Fun

Another hypothesis is that this update may come next month to celebrate the Full-moon Festival, one of the greatest festivals in Asia. According to the leaks, this update will bring a lot of Autumn festival themed features and game mode. Therefore, be prepared for the next update. It may come soon.

PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update Details

Here are the things we may get in this upcoming update. Check them out below.

PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update Melee Throw

Melee throw is not a new feature in PUBG PC and consoles. The PUBG team introduced it in a previous update. But it'll be the first time players on the mobile version experience it. This new feature lets PUBG Mobile players throw the melee weapons in their hands literally. It will bring totally new gameplay when melee weapons become more useful.

You Can Pick Up More Melee Weapons
You Can Pick Up More Melee Weapons

As we all know, melee weapons are often underestimated because of many disadvantages. For example, you can be killed quickly with a bullet to your head before you can land a pan on the enemy's head. With melee throw, the PUBG Mobile team hopes that more players will loot and use these weapons in combat, not only for fun. Moreover, you can also bring many melee weapons at once, like grenades.

And Throw Them To Kill Enemies
And Throw Them To Kill Enemies

PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update Exo Suit

Moreover, this update will introduce an Exo suit. It sounds very special, right? So, what is Exo suit in PUBG Mobile? Exo suit is a special flying suit with a jet engine that you can find on the battleground. It will help players fly at a low altitude. Moreover, it's equipped with a gun in the cuff. Therefore, this suit will make you look like a character in a science-fiction movie.

But this new suit may make the game less balanced. The players who can get this suit will have a much huger advantage in a 1v1 combat. Therefore, the developers may launch it in an Arena mode to let players play for fun. If it comes to the ranked mode, the game will be less fair and enjoyable. Previously, PUBG Mobile also introduce a helicopter in the Payload mode.

PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update Spike Trap And Rabbit-Like Vehicle

It's also an old feature in PUBG PC. You can use the PUBG Mobile spike strap to destroy the tires and stop the vehicle. Therefore, players can use it on a bridge or road to block the way where you think the enemies will go through to dash into the playing zone.

Spike Trap
Spike Trap Will Arrive In Updated Version 1.9

Moreover, this upcoming update will also bring a new vehicle that looks like a rabbit. It looks cute and outstanding on the battleground. It's a new feature that comes to this game at the celebration of the Mid-Autumn festival. To get this vehicle, you need to eat the cookies, jump on the platform, and shoot the airdrop on the flying lanterns down. Then, you can ride this Rabbit to traverse the map.

PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update Warehouse 2.0 And New Game Modes

It also brings a new map Warehouse 2.0 with a new RPG Mode. It also remains the old structure but with better graphics. Moreover, the RPG mode will a lot of blasts will also take place on this map. In addition, there will be a new game mode titled Extreme Hunt. You can collect money on the battleground to buy some items during the matches, such as Ammo boxes, Exo suit, Repawn cards, etc.

So, we know that the Exo suit will be featured in the Extreme Hunt mode. It's pretty like the Payload mode that is available in the Arena game mode now in which you can also respawn your teammate with a player ID card. Moreover, the new update will also introduce an event mode titled 'Fantastic Voyage'. There will be a new museum on the spawn island where you can get a secret item after solving a puzzle. Another event mode is Mid-Autumn that features throwable Fullmoon cakes instead of Apples.

Pubg Mobile Autum Festival
It Brings The Autumn Festival To This Game

Changes In Grenades

The PUBG Mobile team will make some changes in the grenade effect and add a new grenade switch button in this update. This new button lets players pick up the grenade faster by tapping and swiping. In addition, they also add the fire effect to the blast and make it look more realistic.

New Grenade Effect
New Grenade Effect Makes The Explosion Look More Realistic

In addition, there are some great changes in grenades, including:

  • Smoke grenades will activate after 1s landing and the stun grenades activate after 0.7s.
  • The effective range and damage are also increased.
  • The damage of the frag grenade is decreased.
  • The smoke bug in TPP and FPP mode is fixed.
Grenade Switch Button
The Dev Team Also Adds A New Grenade Switch Button

Moreover, PUBG Mobile update 1.9 also will bring a change in gyroscope sensitivity settings. The maximum level of gyroscope sensitivity now is 300. After this update, it will be expanded to 400. In addition, the PUBG Mobile team will add a new fun place near Zharki in Erangel.

Those are things you need to know about PUBG Mobile 1.9 update. To get the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips and tricks for gamers, let's visit our website.