PUBG Mobile Kr UC buy is something new that you should learn when switching to the Korean version. This version has some similar and some different features in comparison with the global version. Check out this guide on how to purchase UC in this Korean version of this game here with

PUBG Mobile KR UC Purchase

PUBG Mobile features UC as the main currency for shopping in this game. It’s the same in all versions, including the global version and the Korean version. However, the price and method of UC purchasing in these versions are not the same. You need to know the price and method to purchase UC in this game which is pretty different from that in the global version.

Pubg Mobile Kr Shop
Like all other versions in PUBG Mobile, UC is the main currency for shopping in PUBG Mobile Korean version.

Here is the instruction on how to buy UC in the PUBG Mobile Kr version. 

  • Download the PUBG Mobile Korean version.
  • Log in the game with Google, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Visit the UC shop in the game app to choose the amount of UC cash you want to buy.
  • Add your Visa debit or credit card on Google Play or App Store payment section. 
  • You will pay the bill in dollars.
  • If the money in your Google Play Balance wallet is in INR, you cannot pay the bill.
Pubg Mobile Kr Uc Shop
To buy UC in PUBG Mobile Korean version, you also visit the UC shop and choose the amount of UC you want to purchase.

You will need the Visa card to pay the bill via the international bank. If you use the local bank or online wallets in India, you cannot buy UC in PUBG Mobile Korean version

Problem Solving PUBG Mobile Kr Version UC Purchase

Sometimes, you cannot add your card, you need to check out the information you have provided. Make sure that you use the Visa card for international purchases. If you don't have a Visa card, you can pay via the Google Play Balance.

Add Visa Card
You need to use the Visa card to do international money transactions successfully.

Besides, if you pay through Google Play Balance but the payment is not successful, you need to check out the currency. You have to pay in dollars. If the currency is INR, the payment cannot be done. This version only accepts the Korean currency (Kwon) or the global currency (Dollar). If the bank transfer is completed successfully but the UC has not been recharged, you need to contact the customer service right away. 

Payment Success
If the payment is successful, you will receive a message and the UC will be sent to you in-game wallet

Price Of PUBG Mobile Kr UC Buy

Apart from the payment method, you also need to know the price list of UC in the Korean version. It will be transferred to INR.

Buy Uc To Open Crate
Buy UC To Open Crate And Unlock In-game Items When Your Wallet Is Out Of Cash
  • 60 UC costs 70.99 INR
  • 180 with 10 Bonus UC costs 185.20 INR
  • 600 UC with 60 Bonus UC costs 617.33 INR
  • 1500 UC with 300 Bonus UC cost 1790.27 INR
  • 2950 UC with 900 Bonus UC costs 3580.54 INR
  • 5900 UC with 2200 Bonus UC costs 7099.34 INR

It’s not much different from the normal price of UC in the global version. You can get a great amount of bonus UC when recharging UC in Kr version. 

PUBG Mobile Kr UC Generator

PUBG Mobile Kr APK v0.19.0 is the latest version of PUBG Mobile Kr UC hack updated on August 31st, 2020. It's available for Android 4.3 and above. The APK file is only 45MB in size. PUBG Mobile Kr version has the same features as the global version, such as massive maps, free to play, battle royale gameplay, etc.

Pubg Mobile Kr Crate
PUBG Mobile Kr APK v0.19.0 is the latest version of UC generator in PUBG Mobile Kr version

The APK file of this game is a cheat tool that lets users get unfair advantages while playing this game. Here are many noticeable features of this UC generator you need to know.

  • Wallhack: This cheat tool lets cheater see other players through the walls, trees, and obstacles. Therefore, they will always know where you are behind the wall to kill you.
Pubg Mobile Kr Uc Hack
Unlimited UC is the most attractive feature of this hack tool.
  • Unlimited UC: This is the most attractive feature of this hack tool. Then, you can use UC to unlock characters, outfits, and more without spending real cash in UC purchase.
  • Aimbot: or Auto-aim is the popular feature of many hack tool. PUBG Mobile Kr APK v0.19.0 also has Aimbot that lets users shoot accurately without aiming.
Pubg Mobile Kr Hack
This hack tool also gives users many other unfair advantages, such as aimbot, ESP, wallhack, etc.

However, it's an illegal tool in PUBG Mobile. Therefore, you shouldn't use it because the anti-cheat system can spot and ban your account for a lifetime.

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How To Buy UC In PUBG Mobile Korean Version?

It's pretty easy to top up UC in the PUBG Mobile Kr version. You also tap on the UC icon in the top right corner of the phone screen to go to the UC shop in this game. If you leave the in-game language in Korean, you can still find this button easily. Then, you can enter the UC shop in PUBG Mobile Korean version.

Pubg Mobile Kr Features
You can buy PUBG Mobile Kr UC cash in Korean currency (Kwon) or the global currency (Dollar)

Then, choose the amount of UC you want to buy in the shop. You also see the price of these UC packages. Next, complete the payment via Google Play Store or App Store. Remember to provide the payment data on your Visa card to do the international money transaction.

Here are things you need to know about PUBG Mobile Kr UC buy. If you need to buy things in this game in the Korean version, you need to purchase UC. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as tips and tricks for gamers, let's visit our website.