PUBG Mobile has brought a new remastered map Erangel 2.0 with a lot of changes and additions. Moreover, there are many new basements with amazing supplies throughout this map. Check out some secret basement locations in PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.0 here with

Top Secret Basement Locations On Erangel

Secret basements in PUBG Mobile Erangel have a lot of good loots. Besides, you can use them as a hiding place to avoid combat when you are not ready. Here are some basement locations you need to know:

  • Kameshki: You can find a basement on the floor under a wooden door. It's in a one-story house next to the highest house in this town. The secret basement is located underground inside a small room. Another door of this basement is outside the house.
Secret Basement
Secret basements in PUBG Mobile Erangel have a lot of good loots.
  • To the West of Quarry: There is a secret basement outside the one-story house in blue in the small village to the West of Quarry. The house has a higher foundation than other houses in this village. Another door of this basement is placed insides the house. Therefore, you can escape the house through this basement if the enemies rush this house.
Basement Locations
You can find these basements in small residential areas
  • West of Ruins: There are two houses in the West of Ruins, near the Georgo Hill. The secret basement here has the same structure as the basement in the West of Quarry. It also has two doors, one outside, and the other inside the house.
Basement Doors
Four of them are two-door basements
  • West of the Stalber Hill: Another secret basement is in a small residential quarter to the west of the Stalber hill. The outside door is placed in the wall corner of the blue house. Besides, the other door also leads to a room inside the house.
The Outside Door
The Outside Door Is Place In The Wall Corner
  • North East of Ferry Pier, near the Sosnovka Bridge: There is a secret basement under the biggest house in this area. This basement also has two entrances to enter and escape.

These are five secret basements in PUBG Mobile Erangel 2.0. Players can destroy by frag grenade or some bullets. In two-door basements, you can use the outside door to escape the house if enemies are chasing you.