PUBG Mobile 1.9 update will bring a new map Warehouse 2.0. In general, the structure of this Warehouse map is preserved. However, it will have better graphics. Moreover, a new RPG mode will also take place on this new map. Check out some guides, tips, and tricks on how to play this game mode on Warehouse 2.0 here with

How To Play RPG Mode In PUBG Mobile Warehouse 2.0

PUBG Mobile players have experienced this kind of heavy weapon in the Payload mode and Range Gear mode. RPG is a missile launcher that was introduced in the Payload mode in this game last year. Then, the developers continued to bring this weapon to the Range Gear mode to let players destroy vehicles and clear enemy squad quickly.

Grab 2 Rpg At Once To Switch Weapon
Grab 2 RPGs At Once To Switch Weapon

This over-powerful missile launcher is not introduced in the classic mode because it can destroy the balance of this game. Therefore, in the upcoming update, the PUBG Mobile team decided to feature RPG in a totally new game mode. Then, you will play this mode on the new map Warehouse 2.0. Here are some tips to play and win this RPG mode.

  • The reloading duration of RPG is 3 seconds and you can only launch a missile per load. Thus, aim to fire and run to the cover to reload.
Aim To Launch Missile Accurately
Aim To Launch Missiles Accurately
  • Grab two RPGs at once to deal with two enemies from two different sides.
  • Don't get too close to the enemies when you decide to launch a missile to kill them because you can kill yourself with a missile explosion.
Find A Cover When Reloading
Find A Cover When Reloading
  • As this mode is full of blasts and explosions, keep moving to avoid getting damage, even when you reload ammo.
  • There is a special missile launcher spawned in the center of the map. Try to get this powerful weapon. It can launch 4 missiles before reloading.
  • When the enemy gets close to you, step back before shooting.