PUBG Mobile is celebrating its third anniversary with a lot of rewards. You will have a chance to get a lot of interesting activities to join and get attractive rewards. Check out all PUBG Mobile 3rd anniversary events here with

PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary Celebration

This anniversary event is live between March 24th and April 6th. During this event, you need to complete a number of missions to collect many pieces of music. Check out all daily missions and music CDs you can obtain here.

Anniversary Celebration
Anniversary Celebration is one of the most attractive PUBG Mobile 3rd anniversary events.
  • Travel 1,500m in the ranked mode: R3HAB - Stars Align
  • Survive for 30 minutes in total: Lost Frequencies - Rise
  • Travel 20,000m in any vehicle in this game: Alessco - Going Dumb
  • Move 3,000m in the game: R3HAB - Lullaby
  • Stay alive for one hour in total: Lost Frequencies - Reality
  • Move 30,000m in any vehicle in ranked matches: Alessco - Live a little love
  • Get 10 tier point ratings: My squad - Noor Stars
  • Obtain 30 tier point ratings: KHELTA JA - Asim Azhar
  • Get 80 ranked points: Benjamins - EceSeckin
  • Give your teammates 3 likes after matches: Not A Game - Dora
  • Give your teammates 5 likes after matches: History

These CDs will be stored in your inventory. Then, you can play music with those CDs.

3rd Anniversary: Collection

This is another event in PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary. It takes place from March 22th to 29th. Players will complete daily missions to collect tokens to exchange them to get attractive rewards. Here are all daily missions and rewards in this Collection event.

  • Survive for 15 minutes in total: 1 token.
  • Stay alive for 30 minutes in total: 2 tokens.
  • Complete a match while in a group with friends: 1 token.
  • Play 2 matches while in a group with friends: 2 tokens.
Do daily missions to collect tokens.

You can exchange those tokens in the 3rd Anniversary: Redemption section. Check out all rewards you can get by exchanging Microphone tokens.

  • 20 AG coins: 2 Mic tokens.
  • 3-day Gothic Lady Parachute: 30 Mic tokens.
  • 3-day Gothic Lady Bow: 20 Mic tokens.
  • 30-day outfit voucher (200 UC off): 15 Mic tokens.
  • 3-day Gothic Lady Outfit: 40 Mic tokens.
  • A classic crate coupon scrap: 10 Mic tokens.
  • 2 supply crate coupon scraps: 5 Mic tokens.
Collection Redemption
Redeem Microphone tokens to get many attractive rewards.

Hundred Rhythms: Collect

Another PUBG Mobile 3rd anniversary event is Hundred Rhythms Collect. Like the 3rd Anniversary Collection event, this event is also available from March 22th to 29th. Besides, you also complete daily missions and get tokens. Those missions are also easy to complete. Check them out below.

  • Send 3 Hearts (Chicken) to friends: 1 music note token.
  • Play a ranked match: 1 music note token.
  • Play 3 matches: 2 music note tokens.
  • Finish 3 enemies: 1 music note token.
  • Stay alive for 45 minutes: 2 music note tokens.
Collect music note tokens in Hundred Rhythms Collect Event.

As these missions are daily tasks, you need to claim tokens before turning to the next day. Those music note tokens can be exchanged in the Hundred Rhythms Redemption section. Here are all rewards you can obtain.

  • 20 AG coins: 4 tokens.
  • 3 supply crate coupon scraps: 8 tokens.
  • 5 supply crate coupon scraps: 16 tokens.
  • An SS18 Mission card: 24 tokens.
  • 4 classic crate coupon scraps: 40 tokens.
  • A Rock Star skin for Mini-14 within 5 days: 56 tokens.
Collect Rewards
Exchange 56 music note tokens for a Rock Star skin for Mini-14 for 5 days.

In addition, when you redeem a token in the Redemption section, you will get a token back. Then, you can use those token rewards to exchange more rewards.

3rd Anniversary Bake Off

This is a special PUBG Mobile 3rd anniversary event for PUBG Mobile players. You will complete missions to collect ingredients to bake anniversary cakes and exchange those pieces to cake for rewards. The ingredients include eggs, butter, sugar, and jam. Here are all the daily missions to complete.

  • Add 3 friends.
  • Send gifts for spaces to your friends for 5 times
  • Complete 3 classic matches while in a team with your friends
  • Survive for 45 minutes in total.
  • Finish in the top 10 in the classic mode 3 times.
Bake Off
Bake Off is a special PUBG Mobile 3rd anniversary event for PUBG Mobile players.

A basic cake needs an egg, a piece of butter, a spoon of sugar, and a bottle of jam. If you open 5 recipe books, you will get a supply crate coupon. You will get 5 classic crate coupon scraps for opening 10 recipe books, and a Golden Metro shirt for 25 recipe books.

Moreover, you can also exchange cakes in the event shop. You can redeem cakes to get many attractive rewards, such as 'Lucky Charm' Graffiti, Randon Recipe Gift card, motorcycle, classic crate coupon scraps, parachute trail, and Golden Metro. Moreover, the grand prize is a 15-day Red Rider outfit that costs 15 cakes.

More Funny PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary Events

Apart from those Featured events and that baking game, you will also have many funny mini-games to play and enjoy the anniversary party. Pan Jam, Beat It, and Tap Joy are three funny games that excite a lot of PUBG Mobile players during this anniversary.

Pan Jam
Have more fun in Pan Jam.
  • Pan Jam: Enjoy a funny pan game with music and different races. All you need to do is controlling a chibi character to break up and down blocks on the road. You will get a number of music notes based on your score. There are three songs in this game, including Ride The Line, Gladiator, and Night Away.
Beat It
Enjoy the music with the funny game Beat It.
  • Beat It: This minigame also has three music pieces, namely Death Wish, Neon Circles, and Flipflop Falls. Your mission is to swat grenades, Molotovs, and chickens. Clear all three levels of the previous song to open the next song.
Tap Joy
Be a DJ in Tap Joy.
  • Tap Joy is a fun game in which players tap the light buttons on a music pad while the song is played. Scriptoria, Dophine Wave, and Beat Double are three songs in this game.
3rd Anniversary Redemption
Collect Music Notes And Get Many Rewards In The 3rd Anniversary Redemption Spin.

Those are all PUBG Mobile 3rd anniversary events and minigames on this anniversary. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news as well as more tips, tricks, and guides for gamers, let's visit our website.