PUBG Mobile – The latest 0.15.0 update version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile has been launched with heaps of excitements, especially the Payload Mode released officially yesterday (Oct 23th, 2019). However, after trying new game mode, a lot of players got banned for ten years due to the bugs in the hack detective system of the developers. PUBG is repairing this error and restore those banned accounts.

Overview of PUBG Mobile Payload Mode

Payload is a new EvoGround mode in the latest update version of PUBGM that Tencent released in the middle of this October. It has just come to PUBGM players yesterday on Oct 23th with a lot of new features, vehicles, and weapons. However, only squad mode is available in this PUBGM game mode. It is also the first gaming mode in which PUBGM which lets players drive helicopters and use super-powerful weapons.

Players can loot many new super anti-air weapons like RPG-7 rocket launcher, M79 and MGL Grenade Launchers, M134, and M3E1-A. Especially, M3E1-A rocket launcher has an incredible tracking function, letting players shoot and destroy helicopters with high accuracy.

Payload Is Available In Pubg Mobile
Payload Is Available In Pubg Mobile

Incredibly, players in this mode can bring killed teammates back the battle by collecting their ID cards in their crates. If your teammates collect your card and bring it to the communication tower, you can come back to the battleground. But he must take it within 120 seconds, or the card will be invalid. 

Moreover, this game mode also has existing vehicles and weapons in ranking modes. It gives PUBG Mobile players the most exciting gaming experience with the ground and air combats, explosions, and revenge.

Bugs in Payload Mode Made Players Get Banned

Several players got banned for ten years after entering Payload game mode. Many of them posted a screenshot picture of PUBGM system report on social networks like Twitter and @PUBB Mobile.

Player Got Banned When Playing Payload Mode
Players reported about the problem

Lots of PUBGM players from many countries, including India and Vietnam, have reported about this problem on Oct 23th. On the same day, official PUBG Mobile India replied to PUBG Mobile users about this problem. They announced that the problem had the game developers had fixed the bug. Now, players can log in and enjoy the game without any trouble.

Pubg Mobile Indias Announcement On Twitter
Pubg Mobile Indias Announcement On Twitter

Then, many players who got wrongly banned due to the system's error got back their account. However, players who violated hack prohibition still got banned.