Due to the escalating stress between China and India, the Indian government has announced a ban on 59 Chinese apps but at that time, PUBG Mobile isn’t involved. However, after a series of unhappy incidents relating to game addiction in this country, there have been lots of calls for boycotting the famous battle royale game.

Banned List

In spite of not being involved in the above list of 59 apps, PUBG Mobile is obviously hard to escape from a gloomy fate in India. In recent days, the Indian army has ordered its soldiers and employees to uninstall up to 89 apps including PUBG Mobile out of their mobile phones, due to its concern about security issues.

PUBG Mobile isn’t the only game banned by the Indian army because the latest list also includes Mobile Legends, Clash of Kings, NONO Live, and many other games and apps developed by Tencent. Some popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are listed. The latest tension between India and China is the main reason behind this ban. In such a sensitive period, information leakage must be an important issue.

Indian Army Ban 89 Apps
The Indian army has banned up to 89 apps.

The Indian army’s ban is not related to the ban of 59 Chinese apps in the previous time. The apps that were previously banned were deleted completely from both Google Play Store and App Store in India. PUBG Mobile is still available on these app stores but it is likely that this hot game will soon disappear like many other apps and games developed by Tencent from China.

PUBG Mobile is now the most popular game and the most potential eSports game in India. While it manages to attract many big sponsors and organizations, there have been lots of its scandals relating to gamers’ private life.

Indian Army Ban Apps
And PUBG Mobile and Facebook are listed.

Not long before, the Indian government has listed 59 mobile apps from China including the renowned short-video sharing platform TikTok into a ban in this country.

Military Banned List

With more than 12 crores of users, TikTok is known as one of the most popular platforms in India, and therefore, there has been a concern about stealing user data that can affect the national securities.

In the past, Sonam Wangchuk, a famous innovator and education reformist in this South African country, posted a video on his YouTube channel saying that people should boycott all Chinese apps including apps that are developed by Chinese companies such as TikTok or PUBG Mobile. These videos drew the attention of over 0.5 crores of viewers including many influential voices in India.