PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro is a new special event. The game developers added new metro lines on the classic Erangel map. It causes some changes in the gameplay. Check out this completed guide on how to play and win on this new map here with

PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro Overview

This new event takes place on the new map Erangel 2.0. To enter this Metro Map, you go to the Game Mode Selection, choose the map Erangel, and tap on the Event option. It will enable the Metro lines on the map and let you play this special game mode.

Mode Selection
To enter this Metro Map, you go to the Game Mode Selection, choose the map Erangel, and tap on the Event option.

In the spawn island, you will see a broken Train and some spots and lines on the mini-map. It looks pretty different from the old Erangel spawn island. You can climb to the top of this train but it won't run.

New Lobby

These spots are marked with a capital letter and a number, such as A1 to A6, B1 to B4, and C1 to C5. However, these lines and spots are changed in different matches. Moreover, you can turn on or off the metro line on the minimap

Erangel Metro Mini Map
You Can See The Metro Stations And Line On Erangel Metro Mini-Map After Entering The Match.

You can choose to land in the PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro locations to explore the metro line. Or else. you land in your favorite places to loot and play as normal. The locations of these metro stations and lines are often changed.

Land On The Spot Of The Station
Land in the PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro locations to explore the new game mode.

PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro Gameplay

After landing on the location of the metro stations, you can run around to loot before entering the station. If you are ready to engage in combat, you can enter the metro station because it's often a hot spot for combat. You can also loot some weapons and supplies in the station but there are not enough supplies for your team.

Metro Stations
You can land in the metro station spot on the map and enter the station to loot weapons and supplies.

There are two types of metro stations in this new game mode, including the safe zone and the Radioactive zone. In the safe zone, you can play as normal. However, if you enter the radioactive zone, you need a special outfit to protect yourself.

Metro Station Boss
you need a special outfit to protect yourself from the radioactive wave.

When the train arrives at the station, you can check out the next station where the train will reach. Besides, the time the train comes and leaves the station is also displayed there. Two trains stop at the same station. You can choose the jump on the train going to the places you want.

Check Out The Next Station
Check Out The Next Station As Well As The Time The Train Leaves the Station Here.

In the radioactive area, your HP will decrease if you do not protect yourself. Besides, there is a monster in that radioactive station with a supply crate. You have to defeat the monster to loot that crate and get rare weapons, such as AWM, Groza, AUG A3, or Mk14, etc.

Defeat The Monster To Get Rare Supplies
Defeat The Monster To Get Rare Supplies, Such As AWM, Groza, AUG A3, or Mk14, etc.

You can choose the train on the left or right to reach the destination you want. If you get on the train in a safe place, get yourself prepared because you will get off in a radioactive station with the monster and a crate of rare items. The monster will attack you when you shoot at it or get close to it.

Inside The Train
Get on the train to move to the next destination quickly.

PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro Tips

This is a new game mode with a lot of new features and totally new gameplay. Therefore, you need some tips and tactics to win this new game mode.

  • Firstly, decide the place you want to land. The train stations in hot-drop places, such as Pochinki, Hospital, and Rozhok are often high-risk locations.
Enter The Station This Way
You Enter The Station This Way, So The Enemy Can Camp There.
  • You shouldn't enter the metro station right after landing. Go around and loot enough necessary things, such as weapons, first-aid kits, military vet, helmet, backpack, and bullets.
  • Get ready for instant combat in the metro stations. The metro stations do not have enough supplies for your team, so you should loot enough supplies in the nearby compounds first.
  • You can camp in the safe station to kill some enemies when they get off the train. Similarly, enemies can also camp in the next destination if you move by train. Therefore, you should be always ready for combat. Don't get off the train right away. Sit still and listen carefully to check out the station. Only get off when you make sure that there is no one camping around.
The Subway Station Locations
The Subway Stations Are Often Placed In Big Cities And Towns
  • If the enemies camp in the station, you need to decide whether to fight or not. If you are not ready and you can hide inside the train, sit still, and wait until the enemies come to check or the train moves to the next station.
  • Always go with your teammates and co-operate with them to eliminate the enemy squad or take the monster down quickly before it can kill you. The monster's attack is very powerful. Moreover, you also get damage from the radioactive area. Therefore, you should co-operate with at least one teammate to kill the monster.
Subway Stations Are Often Hot Spots
Subway Stations Are Often Hot Spots
  • If you go solo, bring enough consumables and supplies to survive on this dangerous map. Make sure that you won't be attacked by both the monster and the enemy.
  • When entering the metro, don't get in together. One member of your team should enter first to scout and make sure that the station is clear. Other players should wait in the entrance to support and revive if the scout gets knocked by the camper.

Those are things you need to know about PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro as well as some tips to win this new game mode. To update the latest PUBG Mobile game news and more guidelines for gamers, let's visit our website.