PUBG Mobile Plans To Release Its Very First Short Film Today!

Za Hando - Mar 09, 2021 | Mobile Games

Just a week after the official announcement of PUBG New State, PUBG Mobile decides to release its first-ever short film on March 9th, 2021.

When fans are still on the hype for the upcoming sequel of their hit Battle Royale game, PUBG Mobile has also announced a new short film. They launched the trailer of the film titled "The Growth".

This is the first time that this popular Battle Royale game drops a movie to its name. The trailer is full of action, and the whole film is scheduled to come out on March 9th, 2021, which is today! The trailer packed everything classic about PUBG Mobile with signature snipers, grenades, assault rifles, and vehicles. Moreover, you can easily see the iconic frying pan as a unique touch to the explosive Battle Royale match.

PUBG Mobile's Short Film Comes After PUBG New State Announcement

To take advantage of the hype surrounding their next game - PUBG New State, PUBG Mobile will release its first short film. Fans are happy to see PUBG Corp. finally steps outside of the box to explore new venues to engage in.

New State
A New State Is Coming

And from the exciting trailer we had, it looks like great things are coming. However, judging from PUBG’s success, expectations would definitely be high. Whether a cool trailer translates to a cool film or not is still uncertain.

What we don't know either is what the short film is about. Will it tie to the upcoming installment of the PUBG franchise? Or will it just be another movie about the classic Battle Royale style of PUBG Mobile? We would have to wait and see!

Pubg New State Map
Don't Miss The Short Film Release

So, keep your eyes peeled today for the release of PUBG Mobile's first-ever short film. ​


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