There’s no need to say much about the popularity of PUBG Mobile in the current battle royale scene. It attracts a gigantic demographic of players, with millions of active gamers daily. However, not everyone can enjoy the same experience as some factors affecting their gameplay fluctuate. Two of the most important ones are ping and FPS. And today, we will show you exactly how to check these indicators for PUBG Mobile.

pubg mobile ping fps determine gameplay
Ping and FPS will determine the smoothness of your gameplay

How to Check Ping in PUBG Mobile 

Ping is the value that indicates the latency between the sending end (the server) and the receiving end (your client). The higher the value, the later you receive the information from the server and vice versa. Low ping is crucial to having a lag-free PUBG Mobile experience. To check our ping when in the game, direct your eyes to the bottom left corner of the screen. You can check this value at any time you want during a match. You want to keep the number stable in green color. 

pubg mobile ping fps check ping
Check your ping here

How to Check FPS in PUBG Mobile

Frame per second, or FPS for short, shows how many frames are displayed on your device in a second. The higher the figure, the smoother you can see the game runs. Low frame rate means you will have quite a choppy experience and miss a lot of actions as well as animation. The processing power of your phone will determine the frame limit. Visit the settings to set the FPS according to your phones. 

Maxresdefault 9
Game Turbo will display your current FPS

Unfortunately, PUBG Mobile doesn’t come with a tool to check your FPS in-game. Some brands provide utility services to monitor the FPS, such as the Game Turbo in Xiaomi/Redmi devices, or Perf Z and Gamebooster on Samsung devices. There are also apps that display this value, but we won’t recommend you using them. They count as third-party programs and can result in permanent bans. 

pubg mobile ping fps max frame
These settings will enable the max frame rate in PUBG Mobile