After being absent from the Indian market for 3 months due to the PUBG Mobile ban notice of the Indian government last September, PUBG Mobile is all set to make it big again in the country with a specialized version designed for Indian players only. As a consequence, the game will have its own website instead of the global one. In addition to that, here is the official social media handle of PUBG Mobile India that every player needs to know.

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PUBG Mobile India Official Website

A few weeks ago, PUBG Corp, the owner of PUBG Mobile spilled the beans on the return of the world’s leading battle royale game in India after the game was banned for having a connection with a Chinese company. Thanks to great effort, the Korean game publisher managed to make a way for PUBG Mobile to come back with a localized version only for Indian players. Along with it is the launch of PUBG Mobile India official website where players can find the latest updates, helpful information, and especially the PUBG Mobile India download link.

However, at the moment, the site has yet to reveal neither the news about the upcoming release of the game nor the PUBG Mobile India download link. The only thing that can be found on the website is the trailer of PUBG Mobile India return. In addition to that is the official social media channels of the game like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.


PUBG Mobile India official Instagram

Being the verified account of PUBG Mobile in India, @pubgmobile_in is the official channel of the game on the photo-sharing platform which has been popular among the Indian PUBG Mobile gaming community for a long time. The account has more than 40 lakh followers and has been reactivated since the news of PUBG Mobile's return broke to the surface.

PUBG Mobile India official Youtube channel

On PUBG Mobile India Youtube channel, you cannot only find the latest news about your favourite game but also many helpful tips and tricks to slay it like a pro. The latest video to be found on the channel is the trailer of PUBG Mobile India return. Check out the video in case you missed it:

PUBG Mobile India official Facebook

While there are many pages on Facebook that claim to be the official and verified one of PUBG Mobile India, the official page of the game in India is the only one that can be accessed via the LINK. You can like the page to keep updated on the latest news of the game and wait for the PUBG Mobile India download link to be released soon.

Meanwhile, many trusted sources state that the Indian government has given PUBG Mobile India a nod to be launched legally in India. It means that the Indian gaming community won't have to wait any longer to experience the special version of the game after months of being banned.

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