These days PUBG Mobile is on the fast track. It continues with its amazing growth and just recently it has reached a new big milestone.

A new milestone reached

According to App Annie - A market researcher, this is just another big hit for the growing title. The free-2-play mobile title has gained the mark of 100 million active users each month, reported by VentureBeat.

New season - New Royale Pass

This news comes at the same time as the new hot major update for this mobile game - the Season 7. This Season update will even bring more fun weapons, skins and a whole set of new rewards for the Royale Pass which is a series of certain activities for each season. It is available in a free form but if you use UC to upgrade Royale Pass, you will enjoy many more benefits and attractive gifts.

Pubg Mobile Season 7
Royale Pass Season 7 will take the theme of the Terrorist or the attacking Squad

Like the previous seasons, there will be 2 options with 2 different prices for PUBG Mobile gamers, Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus.

Not all fun

Pubg Crp 1557905949
There was also that ban of PUBG Mobile from Central Reserve Police Force in India among their troops

However, the road was not all games and funs for PUBG Mobile. Recently, there was a number of controversies around Tecent and their mobile game. There was also a ban of the game from Central Reserve Police Force in India among their troops. The reason they have banned PUBG Mobile was that they think that this game affected the operational capabilities of the jawan division badly, according to a senior officer at CRPF. He even commented that because of this game, many jawans stopped talking with fellow jawans altogether.

Befunky Collage 768x432
This is Game for Peace - PUBG Mobile's replacement in China

The game has also encountered some trouble in its home ground - China. The Chinese government has banned the game and replace it with another title of Tencent - Game for Peace which is just a heavily censored copy cat of PUBG Mobile.