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The lite version of PUBG Mobile: PUBG Mobile Lite

The latest global update of Tencent Games, PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.1 consists of massive content updates, one of which is a new Golden Woods map. And now, users can download it to enjoy the new updates.

The introduction of the Golden Woods map is truly a highlight of the0.14.1 update for PUBG Mobile Lite. This updated map is the smallest one ever been introduced in PUBG Mobile Lite. And Tencent has deliberately made the map smaller in comparison to others to make the gameplay become much quicker and tighter. The new update will take up about 47MB of your storage, and needs to be installed while the game is open.

So what's new with the latest update for PUBG Mobile Lite players? Apart from the exclusive map, the users can experience a new rank season, awarding system, and they are also able to use new types of guns, etc…. In general, PUBG Mobile Lite will take up approximately 500MB of your phone’s memory and can only be installed for those who have smartphones with minimum 786MB of RAM.

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The exclusive map has a size of 88.93MB

However, players will have to download the Golden Woods map (88.93MB) separately via the Classic Beta mode tab. While the classic mode comprises of only one map named Erangel, the Arcade one will include two maps called War and War RPG, which can be unlocked once you get to level 10.

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New places in the Golden Woods map includes Exchange, Bohol, Military School, etc...

Some new places such as Bohol, Exchange, Military School, etc,... are exclusive in the new Golden Woods map. The map is called Golden Woods and as the name suggests, there are many places in the map that have the trees, ground, and grass painted in a goldish color.