PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite have been banned in India because these games are released by Tencent, a Chinese game company. But they might come back to players in this country soon when PUBG Corp. announced to take the release right back. This game company is talking with Jio platforms about bringing these games back. Check it out here with

PUBG Mobile Seems To Return Soon

PUBG Corp. seems to give the distribution right of PUBG Mobile to Reliance Jio. This platform will take the responsibility to release this game in India. The officials from both PUBG Corp. and Reliance Jio are working together and talking about this deal. They are working to meet the agreement on how to constructs many aspects of this deal as well as how to split the revenues.

Pubg Mobile Might Come Back In Jio
PUBG Mobile Might Come Back In Jio Platform

In short, if PUBG Mobile comes back to India, one of the greatest markets of this game before the ban with a huge number of players, both of these publishers will gain giant benefits from this deal. Jio platform will get a boost and PUBG Corp. will not lose a fruitful market. Obviously, the game may come back right away the deal is completed.

Pubg Corps To Join Hands With Indian Gaming Compan
PUBG Corp. and Reliance Jio are in talks

India is one of the largest markets of PUBG Mobile. There are over 17.5 crore installations in this country before the ban. It was such a large area of PUBG Mobile that Tencent used to separate this country as a single region when it held an international esports tournament.

Pubg Mobile Will Come Back Soon
The game might come back soon with many exciting local contents

If Jio becomes the distributor of PUBG Mobile in India, players in this country may have a special version of this game like the Korean version, Chinese version, and Vietnamese version. Then, the local players will enjoy many special events, traditional celebrations, and cultural costumes and themes.