Despite undergoing a massive change in its format, the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) 2020 has always been on the center stage of the game’s holistic community. More and more players are tuning in every day, watching eagerly as their favorite pros. The number keeps increasing and record-breaking viewership counts are continuously reset. To make the fans even more excited about the tournament, PUBG Mobile Esports releases a brand new collection of Player Cards. 

PMWL 2020
Every Pro-player who competes in the PMWL 2020 will feature a card

PUBG Mobile Esports teams up with to create a unique collection of PUBGM Esports Player Cards. They are like the usual collectible sports cards, just with different stats. Instead of goals and scores, we have a list of gaming stats, including Kills, Damage, Headshot, Survival & Knocks. These values will be drawn directly from their performance in the PUBG Mobile World League Season Zero.

A Collection of All All PMWL Player Cards

PUBG Mobile Esports has teased a sneak peek of what to come in a recent Twitter post. 

pubg mobile play card
The teased deck of pro-player cards

“Finally, the fans can have some fun in the card games with their favorite player's involvement. On you can collect the player cards, form your team, and battle against other players to win prizes.”, the post reads. is particularly famous among CS:GO fans as it’s the prominent platform providing the pro-player cards. Users can collect and build their own decks to compete against others. Seeing the incredible potential of PUBG Mobile’s massive community, the company decided to take a venture into this booming market. 

pubg mobile play card scoutop
ScoutOP will be among the first ones to appear on the cards

The Twitter post reveals that the player cards will include every single region that competes professionally. As for now, here are the names that we know for sure: Beowulf, ScoutOP, Jonathan, Trance, Fredo, Luxxy, G9, Carrilho, Ayala, Tensa, Solkay, and Mickzera. They appear right on the post, and from the look of it, we can expect more coming. There will be a complete deck of cards for the entire PUBG Mobile tournament soon.