Battle royale games are no longer new in the gaming scene anymore as titles like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Apex Legends hit the global level of success with hundreds of millions of players all around the world. The battle royale genre just blew up and got popular so fast that many people actually don't know where it came from.

Today, we are going elaborate for you everything about PUBG Mobile origin, all the way from the beginning, when it was only a concept until it became a global phenomenon that everyone knows about.

PUBG Mobile Origin - How the battle royale concept was born

The battle royale concept was originally from a fictional Japanese manga called "Battle Royale" in 2000, where a class of high school students is sent to an abandoned island and they have to fight each other until there is only 1 survivor. This is where the battle royale concept was born and it inspired many people to recreate it.

Pubg Mobile Origin
The battle royale concept was introduced in 2000 in the Japanese manga of the same name

PUBG Mobile Origin - From an idea to a whole new genre

Before 2011, there have been many game mods that were created based on that idea in Counter-Strike with a number of players from 10 to 14 players.

This idea was also adapted to the American TV series The Hunger Game in 2012. The success of the movie made the battle royale concept popular around the world and more people started to make game mods with the same style as that.

hunger game
The Hunger Game movie in 2012 sparked the interest of many people on the battle royale genre

At that same period time, Dean Hall created an AMAR II mods called DayZ, where players are dropped in an island full of zombies and have to collect items, weapons to survive. Later in September 2012, Brendan Greene (the creator of PUBG) created a mod from DayZ called DayZ Battle Royale. This mods quickly got the attention from the DayZ community and got popular really fast but it died off when the DayZ standalone game was released in 2013.

Image 4 Pubg Mobile Origin

Brendan Greene continued to make another mod called PlayerUnknown's Battle Royale on ARMA III and it has become extremely popular. It is pretty much the early form of the PUBG game we are playing today. Later, Daybreak Game Company invited Brendan Greene to be their consultant to create H1Z1 Battle Royale. While H1Z1 sold more than 1 million copies by March 2015, it suffered heavily from technical issues with bugs and server disconnection.

Pubg Mobile Origin
PUBG created a battle royale fever when it came out

Brendan Greene later worked with BlueHole (now Krafton Game Union), who offered him to work with them to create the game PlayerUnknown's BattleGround or PUBG as we know now. PUBG introduced an entirely new kind of multiplayer gameplay to the world with a huge map, realistic graphics, and shooting mechanics. The game introduced the battle royale genre to the whole world and created a battle royale fever with all types of new battle royale games such as Fornite, Apex Legend,...

Pubg Mobile Origin
PUBG hit 3.2 million concurrent players during its launch

PUBG broke the Steam record of having concurrent 3.2 million players at its official launch in 2018. PUBG has truly made history and reshaped the gaming that was dominated by MOBA and FPS games such as DOTA 2, LOL, and CS:GO.

PUBG Mobile Origin - The start of the mobile esports scene

PUBG Mobile was developed by PUBG Corp. and published by Tencent Gaming. That makes PUBG Mobile origin country Korea.

The PUBG PC version is the origin of PUBG Mobile. Both games almost exactly the same gameplay with huge maps and 99 players fighting each other until there is only 1 left. You can do all kinds of actions in  PUBG Mobile just like in PUBG PC such as jumping, vaulting, go to ADS,...

Pubg Mobile Origin
PUBG Mobile will give you a fully pledged battle royale experience

The biggest difference between PUBG and PUBG Mobile was the recoil rate, which was adjusted to fit the control on mobile devices.

PUBG Mobile was the chance for many people to experience the battle royale experience on their smartphone without the need of having a high-end PC. PUBG Mobile can also be played on an Android emulator, which made it the go-to choice for many players with low-end PC or laptops.

 Pubg Mobile
You can play PUBG Mobile on your PC using an Android emulator

However, what everyone didn't expect with PUBG Mobile was that it became super popular and created a strong community all around the world. Thanks to the depth and complex gameplay of PUBG Mobile, its esports scene started to create itself through small local competitions and grew gradually into international events and tournaments.

 Pubg Mobile esports
PUBG Mobile is currently the biggest mobile esports title in the world

The first official PUBG Mobile tournament was the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018 held by Tencent and PUBG Corp. Then in 2019, we started to have structured tournaments such as the PMCO Spring Split and Fall Split for teams from all regions to compete with prize pools of up to $2.5 million and millions of viewers, making it the biggest mobile esports title in the world.

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