PUBG Mobile is a super competitive game, one hundred players competing for just one “Chicken Dinner”. To come out triumph in this Battle Royale, you will need all the advantages that you can get your hands on. One of the biggest edges available is the settings. With a suitable set of configuration combined with some practice and dedication should take you to the top of the PUBG Mobile scene. Today, we’ll take you over the gyroscope, the most effective method to control recoil.

gyroscope pubg mobile advantage
Using a gyroscope may give you an advantage in the battlegrounds

Shooting is the backbone of PUBG Mobile. It’s a whole plethora of other things involved in shooting, such as aiming, measuring, and controlling recoil. Once you’ve learned these basics, PUBG Mobile becomes so much easier. In terms of recoil control, each player has their own unique take. Some like manual settings, while others find using a gyroscope is faster and more efficient in-game. 

gyroscope pubg mobile turn on
Toggle on your gyroscope now!

A gyroscope gives an immense speed boost while aiming as well as a good recoil control - compared to the traditional manual control. You can better calculate the trajectory of the bullets once they fly out of the barrel. The one major setback of the gyroscope that put off many players is that it takes quite some time to get used to. 

Let's take a look at how you can control recoil with a gyroscope in the game.

To gain the best control while using a gyroscope, players should tilt their phones upward. To be more exact, this means tilting where your index fingers lay. You can maximize the recoil control rate by combining both a gyroscope and the scrolling action of your index fingers or thumb. 

This way enables you to calculate the bullet trajectory and make sure that they hit the desired target. The gyroscope should handle most of the heavy work, just use your index fingers/thumb to gently scroll and spray. 

Pubg Mobile Gyroscoe practice
Take some time to practice and master the gyroscope

Normally, what you do to control the recoil is by dragging down the screen while firing, or else, all the bullets will shoot up the sky. However, this conventional method doesn’t give much flexibility since the screen is limited. On the other hand, a gyroscope enables players to tilt their phones for better control and space. It also reduces the aiming time when you change targets. It limits the use of scrolling action as players only need to tilt in most scenarios.