There’s no denial of the immense popularity of the hit Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile. Statistically, it’s the most played BR game across platforms. Millions of active players join the game daily on the battlegrounds, fighting their hearts out for the “Chicken Dinner”. With such a large demographic on hand, managing is no easy task. Many still use third-party programs to intervene, trying to get their triumph. 

pubg mobile anti cheat expected
Popular games like PUBG Mobile always attract hackers

The hack/cheat problem has always been present in PUBG Mobile, and the developers have employed various measures to counter it. As the latest solution, the team has introduced a new set of anti-cheating methods to control the hackers and create a fair gaming environment. 

pubg mobile Introduces New Anti Cheat System
PUBG Mobile has introduced a new anti-cheat system

“PUBG MOBILE’s official Operations Team is fully committed to continue guaranteeing an amazing game experience and treat all users equally and fairly. By taking a closer look at players who don’t respect the rules of the game and play fair, we’re continuing to show our commitment to providing a fair gaming environment for all.” PUBG Mobile Team

PUBG Mobile New Anti-Cheating Mechanism 

The newly introduced measure is called the “Safety Observation Period”. It uses the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect any players trying to intervene with the game’s mechanics for their personal advantage. Anyone violates the user agreement by cheating will be isolated and monitored by the “Safety Observation Period”.

pubg mobile anti cheat promising
The new mechanism promises to combat hacking effectively

While in this Safety Observation Period, players will be separated from the normal matching queue. Moreover, they will not earn any rewards or stats during this time. Additionally, they can only access certain game modes under observation. Consider it a kind of quarantine. Should they still use third-party programs during this time, their account will be permanently banned for unfair behaviors. 

pubg mobile anti cheat end
Let's put an end to cheating

This is a great move from the PUBG Mobile Team, promising to tackle the annoyance players have when dealing with hackers. Though it may not completely put an end to cheating, the “Safety Observation Period” feature may be effective to discourage attempting cheaters. 

Pubg Mobile figth back
It's time to fight back those dirty hackers