PUBG Mobile recently teased the community with a new feature by releasing 4 puzzle pieces on their social media. Now we know that those puzzle pieces is the sketch of a new upcoming map called Fourex in PUBG Mobile.

This map is going to be released on the 0.19.0 update of PUBG Mobile. The beta version of the 0.19.0 update is now available for players worldwide to download and try out this new map. Here are the top 5 things you need to know bout this new Fourex map.

1. Fourex Map Size and Theme

All maps in PUBG Mobile was created with a theme for themselves. Erangel is a Military island near Russia. Miramar is a desert. Vikendi is a snow island. Sanhok is a South Asia island. As for Fourex, it is the combination of all four maps in PUBG Mobile. But at the same time, it is going to the smallest map in PUBG Mobile with a size of 2x2 km.

Fourex Map Pubg
Fourex is the combination of all 4 maps in PUBG Mobile

As you can see, the top right of the map represents Vikendi. The bottom left of the map represents Miramar. The island on the bottom right of the map represents Sanhok. The main island represents Erangel.

2. Fourex exclusive vehicle

Fourex will come to PUBG Mobile with an exclusive vehicle that unlike any other, a Monster Truck with 4 giant wheels. The Monster Truck can run on almost any terrain thanks to its structure. However, it has not fully developed yet as it currently doesn't have an engine sound.

Fourex Monster Truck
There will be Monster Truck in Fourex

3. Fourex waterfall

You can find waterfall in certain areas in Fourex. But the coolest thing about the waterfall is that you can go behind it and hide there. You won't be able to see anything outside and no one from outside will see you when you do this. Since the map is still in beta so you might find some bugs while playing with the waterfall.

4. Fourex grass animation

In some area, grass will move when a player go through them, making it quite convenient to detect snake players.

5. Fourex underground cave

In Fourex, you will be able to find an underground tunnel system that is somewhat like the Bunker in Erangel. This tunnel has a huge amount of loot for even enough for a few squads.

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