PUBG Mobile is really a game of variety, from play styles, maps, to the collection of guns and weaponry that players can utilize to get the “Chicken dinner”. Of course, there’s no wonder why sniper rifles do the most damage in the game since they’re designed to kill in one shot. Here’s the list of the top 5 rifles that have the highest damage potential. 


Coming up first in the list is the famous Arctic Warfare Magnum (AWM). The gun is so popular that it has appeared in most of the shooting games available today. It’s the highest damage threat in PUBG Mobile. AWM fires the 0.300 magnum rounds, which even level 3 helmets can’t stop. 

Pubg mobile rifle awm
The AWM is by far the most powerful rifle in-game


Next on the list of top 5 rifles with the highest damage potential is another bolt action gun, the Kar98K. It fires 7.62 rounds to inflict a whopping 79 damage per hit. If used correctly, Kar98K is a lethal rifle that can send a killing blow to the enemy. 

Kar98k Pubg mobile rifle
The Kar98K is known from the very first dawn of PUBG


At number three with the damage stat of 75, we have the M24. It’s a bolt action rifle that fires single-shot. M24 is often compared to the Kar98K but seems to fall behind just a little bit for its slower reloading time and fire rate. The gun also uses the 7.62 mm ammunition.

Pubg mobile rifle m24
M24 can now be found across the map, not airdrop-exclusive as it used to be

Winchester 94 (Win94)

Upon its initial release, Win94 wasn’t the first gun that players would turn to. However, a major rework has substantially changed the rifle’s potential. Though being the lowest-damage in the bolt-action genre, it still dishes out an amazing 66 point per shot. Winchester 94 uses the 7.62 and can be found most frequently in Miramar. 

Win 94 Pubg mobile rifle
The Winchester 94 is maybe the most underestimated guns in PUBG Mobile


Last but not least, MK14 comes in at number 5 with the damage stat of 61. It’s the only DMR to appear on the list that fires 7.62 ammo at two modes: semi-auto or full-auto. Though powerful, MK14 is a little tricky to handle due to its high recoil

Mk 14 Pubg mobile rifle
MK14 is the only DMR that makes it to the list