PUBG Mobile gameplay revolves largely around gunfights. Hence, it’s expected that the game provides a generous collection of weapons, ranging from Submachine Guns to Assault Rifles, and a rainbow of things in between. Today, we will look into two of the most prominent representatives - one from the SMG class plus the other being an AR. Let’s compare the Vector and M416 to see which is a better choice. 

m416 vs vector pubg mobile
PUBG Mobile holds a great collection of weapons

Vector Versus M416 in PUBG Mobile


  • Ammo: 9mm;
  • Damage: 31; 
  • Rate of fire: 0.055s; 
  • Reload duration: 2.20s
vector real
Vector SMG in real-life

The Vector is a submachine gun that packs quite a punch. Though its base hit damage stays quite modest, its super-fast fire rate makes up for everything. There’s only a 0.055-second gap between two bullets leaving the barrel - that’s why the output potential of the Vector is not to be underestimated. On top of that, the gun recoils ever so slightly in close-range combats. With full attachment, there is barely another weapon that could rival the Vector close-up. 

pubg mobile vector
Vector lacks the magazine capacity

The major downside of the Vector is the original magazine capable of holding 19 rounds only. Even with an Extended QuickDraw Mag, the gun still offers just 33 bullets - just 3 above the starting number of ARs. 


  • Ammo: 5.56mm
  • Damage: 41
  • Rate of fire: 0.0857s 
  • Reload duration: 2.10s
m416 real
M416 is the favorite weapon of many players

The M416 is probably the most trusted weapon in the entire game. Most players would go for this choice if they have a chance thanks to its reliable and consistent performance. The gun doesn’t shine on any particular aspect, yet it can fulfill most tasks in PUBG Mobile. The M416 uses the common 5.56 ammunition to dish out 41 damage per shot at the fire rate of 0.0857 seconds. It’s a versatile weapon that can perform decently in all sorts of combat situations. 

m416 attachments
M416 needs attachments to shine

However, the M416 is not a gun without a drawback. This AR is subjected to attachments, which means you need to have a decent number of accessories to make it powerful. Meanwhile, other rifles such as the legendary AKM has pretty much the same performance with or without attachments. 

To sum up, both the Vector and the M416 are great weapons of their classes and can really get the job done. If you’re going for a utility option, then the M416 is definitely the superior choice. It’s a versatile weapon known for consistency and reliability. However, for short fights in the early game and close-range combats, the Vector outshines its opponent.