Just a few weeks after the ban of PUBG Mobile in India back in September last year, an Indian software company nCORE Games spilled the beans on the first Indian-made battle royale game called FAU-G (Fearless and United Guards).

While FAU-G is all set to release this January, PUBG Mobile owner earlier also revealed their plan of coming back to the Indian market in March 2021. It means that Indian players are going to see a fierce battle between the most famous battle royale game in the world and the first Indian game ever made of the same genre.

Pubg Mobile Faug
The internet is witnessing a fierce battle between PUBG Mobile fans and FAU-G supporters, who are going to win the game?

PUBG Mobile VS FAU-G battle

While we merely have an idea about whether FAU-G can become the new game-changer or not, the upcoming title has encountered flashbacks from PUBG Mobile Indian players. In fact, cyberspace has been split amid the controversy between PUBG Mobile and FAU-G.

In fact, right from the first video teaser of FAU-G, the game has been disregard by many PUBGM users due to the out-dated graphics. FAU-G supporters, on the other hand, mock PUBGM players by saying that the only game they can play is the ‘waiting game.’ Check out some of the hilarious memes below!

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Pubg Mobile Faug 4

Pubg Mobile Faug

Pubg Mobile Faug 3

Pubg Mobile Faug 2

The future of FAU-G and PUBG Mobile India

In comparison to PUBG Mobile, it seems like FAU-G has a clearer future as the game is on the run for an official release on January 26th. The game’s trailer was launched 3 months ago, revealing that the game is likely to be an episodic-structured battle royale game. According to that, players will be in charge of the Indian army and fight against enemies to protect their country.

Meanwhile, despite investing a large number of resources into the making of the PUBG Mobile India version, PUBG Corp has yet to get a nod from the Indian Government and Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology for the unbanning of the game. Although the game made some significant changes regarding the in-game features and turned down the publishing right of Chinese company Tencent Games.

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