PUBG Mobile is a highly popular mobile game within the Battle Royale genre. The game has millions of players in many countries spread all over the world. Because this game has so many players like the equally popular Free Fire, the amount of toxic players in this game is quite bad, and probably even worse than Free Fire!

A toxic player is a player who is very annoying when playing, who trash-talks others, and just does what they want. These players ruin the PUBG Community and make the game look bad in the eyes of others. Only without these players can you enjoy the game

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But why are PUBG Mobile players acting toxic, even worse than Free Firers? Although both of these games are almost similar and have their respective advantages, there are differences that cause this toxicity. We will explain why some players act toxic and why they are even worse than in Free Fire.

5 Reasons Why PUBG Mobile Often Act More Toxic Than Free Fire Players

Realistic Shooting Creates More Annoying Players

Unlike Free Fire which has Auto Aim, in PUBG Mobile, there are many players who think they have good aim so they shoot from wherever they want. But shooting randomly like that creates a lot of grief for the team.

When these players just shoot from anywhere they want to, even though the shot does not hit the enemy, it can give bad things to the team. The sound of the shot can lure other enemies over, so the team has to fight even more enemies and probably lose.

PUBG Mobile Maps are Large and Create More Selfish Players

Vast maps in PUBG allow you to explore large areas. But when there is a player who doesn't know how to find effective places to loot, they just leave the team and do what they want. Even though the maps are large and seem safe, there are many players lurking when you least expect them.


This is what makes a toxic player who is very annoying. If the team can stick together, it will be safer and everyone can help each other. But because the toxic player feels safe and just keeps looting randomly elsewhere, the chances of being ambushed are very high.

High Specs in PUBG Mobile

As you know, the graphics on PUBG are very demanding and potato phones cannot play them. But sometimes there are players who force their weak smartphones to play the game with FPS that always drops.

And the problem here is these players think that this is fine and it doesn't interfere with their gameplay at all. This is very annoying because the team is usually held back like this and cannot work together effectively at all.

Berating Beginner Players

This is not exclusive to PUBG Mobile, because there are always rude and impolite players who act harshly around others, especially with new players. This discourages new players from trying and they might just switch to other games instead.

free fire pubg mobile toxic 5 reasons

More Annoying Older Players in PUBG

What also annoys a lot of other players when playing is this kid who thinks he is special because he has been playing PUBGM for a long time. It doesn't matter if you can play better than them. People don't care how long you've played the game, only how well you play. But these players don't care and make others imitate them even if they don't have skills.

And these were 5 main reasons you are more likely to run into more toxic players in PUBG Mobile than Free Fire. If only all of us could play well and have a good attitude, we can all enjoy the game without negative emotions. Unfortunately, there will always be players who act toxic and we must not be like this.

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