One of the main characteristics of Free Fire that survivors love is the increasing level of variety that Garena keeps delivering in the game, which started out mostly focused on Battle Royale and now has several game modes available for enjoyment.


And luckily for us, it looks like the current list of game modes will increase even more with the possible introduction of a new game mode, which Garena has hinted at on their social media channels. From the looks of it, the new mode will be Capture the Flag, a classic mode seen in other games.

In Capture the Flag, players generally must take the opposing team's flag and defend it for a specific amount of time time to win the match. At the moment Garena has not explained how this will be carried out in the game, but it's certain we will have more details in the coming days.

free fire new game mode capture the flag

Here's what Garena hinted at on their Facebook page regarding the introduction of a new game mode. Garena hasn't said much about what will be contained in this mode, but the accompanying illustration should be pretty obvious as to what #PlanBermuda will entail.


Back to the drawing board. 👨‍🏫 Develop ideas, create plans, and take action! 🏃‍♂

What could these drawings mean? What is the plan here? Share your thoughts and ideas with us below! 👇


A reminder that Garena implemented a new anti-hack firewall recently, which can detect any third-party app that interferes with the game. Millions of accounts have already been banned since the firewall activated a few weeks ago, so be aware and play fair!

Here's what Garena reminded us of not too long ago:

Our Anti-Hack Firewall constantly blocks out hack attempts in the game. Please download Free Fire from authorized app stores only. Do not download or use APKs or third party software from unauthorized sources.


What About the Recent Rumors on Free Fire and PS5?

In the past few days, rumors have been circulating about the arrival of Garena's Battle Royale on PS5 on the internet. On the one hand, many people would be eager to play this Battle Royale game on Sony's new console, but on the other hand, many say the game would not be suitable for playing on a console.

Free Fire Max Free Fire PS5 release Garena Sony

It is worth remembering that neither Garena nor Sony spoke on the subject at any time.

In addition, another unverified rumor that is circulating the internet is that Sony has apparently rejected Garena's initiative to launch Free Fire for the PS5, but none of the companies has released any information about it.

PS5 release date: Free Fire PS5 release Garena Sony

The circulation of this news made the FF gaming community hyped and excited. Many enthusiastically welcomed the arrival of Free Fire on PS5, many also thought that the game was not suitable to be played on the PlayStation 5.

In fact, neither Garena nor Sony has ever issued a statement of the existence of this collaboration. In fact, when searched, no actual news site has reported on anything like the rumors were talking about.

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